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Experimental study of quasicrystals

Экспериментальное изучение квазикристаллов
Aperiodic ordering in quasicrystals can be three dimensional (the example of this type of ordering is a Amman-Mackey net), crystals with three dimensional ordering are called icosahedral quasicrystals. Alloys with such structure were first found by Shechtman, Gratias, Blech and Cahn in the Al-Mn alloys. Schechtman received the Nobel price for this discovery in 2011. The alloys are found with aperiodic ordering only in one direction. The possible applications of quasicrystals are determined by their properties: hardness and wearing qualities of quasicrystals are, however go together with fragility. These properties make it possible to use quasicrystals as coating, but do not allow to use it for construction. Some authors propose to use the quasicrystals as thermal barriers in turbines, tools coaling, chemical catalysts, selective light absorbers.

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Position: Professor Education: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1981 Major in physics and engineering Degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Research interests: Complex metal alloys; quasicrystals; strongly correlated electron systems, including heavy electron metals and Kondo semiconductors; spin glasses; probing elementary excitations in solids by inelastic X-ray scattering; thermal and elastic properties of solids; high-sensitivity magnetometry.
Degree/rank: cand. sci. (phys.-math.). Education: grad. from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (Physics of Metals, 1989). Area of expertise:
  • solid state physics,
  • superconducting materials,
  • quasicrystals,
  • growth of singlecrystals.
Degree/rank: PhD student. Education: grad. from National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" (Physics, engineer-physicist, 2012); future thesis topic: "Investigation of the elastic properties of quasicrystals", april 2016. Area of expertise:
  • quasicrystals,
  • solid state physics.
Degree/rank: cand. sci. (phys.-math.), senior scientist. Education: grad. from Moscow State University (Physics, 1972). Area of expertise:
  • areas of physics and technology of roentgenography and x-ray structure analysis,
  • structure and phase composition of superconducting materials and high temperature metal ceramic superconducting materials, quasicrystals, rare earth manganites in robust and film poly-crystals and single-crystals,
  • experimantal techniques of physcial desposition of films,
  • orientation of single-crystals of various symmetry.

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