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Development of the theory of degradation of parameters light-emitting diode with quantum holes on the basis of wide zone semiconductors

Развитие теории деградации параметров светодиодных гетероструктур с квантовыми ямами на основе широкозонных полупроводников
The theory of phenomenological model of formation of dot defects in LED Is developed. According to this model defects in the field of p-n transition are formed as a result of interaction hot electrons with atoms of a lattice of a crystal probability of formation of defects is defined by the attitude of threshold energy of displacement of atom and energy hot electrons. The Model is checked up experimentally at density of a direct current from 20 up to 100 А/см2, indemnification of an impurity as a result of formation of dot defects close p-n transition and in the field of quantum holes is revealed.


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