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Heat-resistant wrought alloy ALTEK

Жаропрочный высокотехнологичный деформируемый сплав АЛТЭК
The invention relates to metallurgy, particularly to wrought alloys based on aluminum, and can be used in the preparation of products working at a high temperature up to 350 ° C. ALTEK- is a fundamentally new group of aluminum alloys which are intended to receive semi-finished products (including: shit, rods, wires, profiles, panels, pipes, stamping, forging). ALTEK base on Al-Cu-Mn-Zr is system, and contains less than 5 wt.%.alloying components. From ALTEK alloy can be produced engine parts, cases, covers, nozzles, valves, flanges, etc. It is recommended as an alternative to steel and cast iron for parts and levels of the water intake valves and stage of submersible pump for oil and gas industry. This alloy is also suitable for obtaining products for electrical purposes, which require a combination of high conductivity, sufficient strength and heat resistance. Among them are self-supporting wires of power lines, the contact wire of speed rail, ship and aircraft cables, etc. The basis of the invention is to create a new aluminum-based alloy that would have the greater strength, heat resistance and electrical conductivity. The task was solved creating aluminum-based alloy containing copper, manganese, zirconium, scandium, iron and silicon. The alloy is characterized by a structure of aluminum solid solution with uniformly distributed nanoparticles Al3Zr phase and Al3(Zr, Sc) with an average size less than 20 nm and the phase Al20Cu2Mn3 with average size of 100 - 500 nm. Industrial use of ALTEK alloy (in particular, instead of 6xxx series alloys) may bring the following benefits: 1) increase productivity by reducing technology cycle (ALTEK does not require homogenization); 2) exemption of industrial areas from unnecessary equipment; 3) reducing the number of workers (in particular employed in the heat treatment process); 4) decrease of energy consumption by reducing the temperature and time of heat treatment; 5) reduce emissions by shortening the work time of the furnaces 6) decrease of rejects occurring during quenching; 7) extension of the scope of aluminum alloys due to the high thermal stability and heat resistance (up to 300-350 ° C); The production of ALTEK alloys do not require special equipment. For ingots and semi-finished products existing equipment can be used. ALTEK project has been recognized as one of the best at the 2008 International Competition of Innovation, which was run by UC RUSAL and the International Aluminium Institute.

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