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Synthesis of BN nanotubes and nanosheets and their application for reinforcement of metallic binders of new composite materials

Синтез нанотрубок и графеноподобных структур из нитрида бора и их использование для армирования металлических связок новых видов композиционных материалов
In the frame of scientific direction the following problems should be addressed: - Synthesis of BN nanotubes and nanosheets as well as metal dichalcogenides using high temperature chemical vapor deposition (CVD) - Fabrication of metallic and ceramic matrices reinforced by inorganic nanomaterials, using the methods of powder metallurgy, melt-spinning, hot pressing, spark plasma sintering and cold rolling - Investigation of structure and morphology of nanocomposite materials using advanced analytical methods such as scanning and transmission electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, Raman and infrared spectroscopy. - Analysis of mechanical properties of fabricated materials under various deformation regimes and temperatures - Optimization of technological processes for fabrication of ultralight and superstrong metallic and ceramic nonocomposites and nanocoatings for structural and medical applications.

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