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Multifunctional crystalline powders of high-purity rare refractory metals

Многофункциональные кристаллические порошки редких тугоплавких металлов высокой чистоты
A unique method for producing narrow-fractional molybdenum powders (the main fraction content is not less than 70%) by reduction with ammonium paramolybdate in hydrogen–nitrogen atmosphere has been developed; the average particle size of these powders is 0.5–1 µm (the average grain size being less than 100 nm), apparent density is 3.0–3.5 g/cm3, purity is 4–5 N (10–100 ppm). The method allows one to produce a novel class of functional materials for the new elemental base of instruments for opto-, micro-, and nanoelectronics, power engineering, aerospace engineering, and automobile industry. A unique method for producing nano-crystalline ytterbium oxide Yb2O3 powders with the average grain size of 20–25 nm and characterized by different chemical history has been developed. The following starting compounds were used: ytterbium carbonates; ytterbium oxalates; ytterbium hydroxides. The past history of powders has no effect on crystallization temperature of ytterbium oxides; however, it determines the microstructure of oxides to a significant extent. The shape of individual particles varies from spherical to lamellar. The increase in sintering temperature from 600 to 1000°C causes a rise in grain size to 33–46 nm. Powders of ytterbium oxide synthesized from carbonates are characterized by the highest thermal stability. The use of the resulting powders to enhance the performance parameters of crystalline materials based on rare metals and to impart them new functional properties in accordance with the demands of modern power engineering, electronics, medicine and public health, construction industry, aerospace engineering, shipbuilding, and automobile industry.

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Ph.D, Doctor of Science Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science, Head of the Scientific- Educational Center of SHS, Head of the Department of Powder Metallurgy and Functional Materials
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