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Optical, acoustic single crystals, stock on their base of the elements of acoustic-, opto-, micro-and nanoelectronics

Оптические, акустические монокристаллы для элементов квантовой, акусто-, опто-, микро- и наноэлектроники
Research is carried out by an accredited Educational - Testing Laboratory "Single crystals and Stock on their Base" (ILMZ), which is a structural subdivision of NUST "MISIS". In 2010 ILMZ was accredited for the second time by Accreditation Body AAC "Analitica", which is a full member and participant of the Agreement on Mutual Recognition of ILAC and APLAC (Passport number AAS.A.00038). The term of the certificate February 16, 2015 The tests are carried out both in standard and unique, designed and certified staff ILMZ organizations ROSSTANDART measurement procedures (MVI): 1. Measuring the geometric dimensions of blanks (standard procedure). Implemented on a microscope instrumental IMC 100 x 50 A. Geometrical measurements of objects can be provided with a limit of permissible basic error of not more than 6 microns. 2. Determination of the coefficient of ellipticity of the polarization of the laser beam transmitted through the optical element in the minimum transmission characteristics (without the application of voltage to the element) and the maximum transmission characteristics (by applying a voltage to the element) (Certificate number 448/156502 of 12.07.2001, issued Rostest , Moscow); 3. Definition of contrast ratio of the laser beam passing through the electro-optic element (Certificate number 448/156491 of 12.07.2001, issued Rostest Moscow); 4. Determination of the static half-wave voltage (Certificate number 448/156492 of 12.07.2001, issued Rostest Moscow); Procedure 2, 3 and 4 are implemented by non-standardized test complex EOE IR-1, developed in ILMZ and certified Rostest Moscow (Certificate number 448/156489 from 21.08.2001). 5. Determination of the refractive index in the visible region of the spectrum using a goniometer (Certificate number 1/99 of 14.04.99, issued VNIIOFI SSMC). The method is realized on a goniometer spectrometer GS-2, one of the most accurate instruments for determining the refractive index (error ± 2 " ), to evaluate the dispersion of the refractive index in the range of 400 ÷ 680 nm in more than twenty points, the refractive index of optical materials in the visible region range up to 10- 6. Determination of flatness deviation plates from 0.03 to tens of micrometers (Certificate VNIIMS from 03.2000); MVI is implemented on the Fizeau-type interferometer, allows to evaluate the flatness of blanks in the form of a non-contact plate method. 7. Determination of the attenuation (Certificate number 448/156500 of 12.07.2001, issued Rostest Moscow). Allows you to define the attenuation coefficient in the range of 175 ÷ 3300 nm. 8. The measurement technique diffuse reflectance and diffuse transmittance in the spectral range of 250-2500 nm (included in the National Register - № FR.1.37.2012). Methods 7 and 8 includes a spectrophotometer «Cary-5000 UV-VIS-NIR» 9. The measurement method of anomalous birefringence in optical materials polarization-optical method conoscope on the microscope «Axio Imager M1m» Company Zeiss (Germany) (prepared for certification).



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