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Development of Magnetic Fabric Based on Magnetic Fiber Nano Materials, Resistant to External Heat, Electromagnetic Radiation and High-Toxic Substances.

Исследование по созданию магнитных тканей, на основе магнитных волокнистых нано-материалов, обеспечивающих защитное противодейтсвие внешним тепловым, электромагнитным излучениям и сильнодейсвующим ядовитым веществам
Development of magnetic fabric based on magnetic fiber nano materials, resistant to external heat, electromagnetic radiation and high-toxic substances. Project tasks: To obtain nano-size structured hard-magnetic materials by mechanical dispersion and chemically. To develop methods to activate metallic powder, cohesive polymer and fiber base with ultrasound and elecromagnetic fields, providing for homogeneous composite of increased strength and functional properties. To develop know-how to obtain hard magnetic composites in discrete and continuous mode. To develop know-how to measure strengh and magnetic properties of hard magnetic fiber based nano composites. To make a prototype with the obtained material, investigate its fuctional properties.

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