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Miniature Magnetic Sensor Systems

Миниатюрные магнитные сенсорные системы
Miniature magnetic sensor systems. Fundamental research in the field of advanced in non-cryogenic magnetometric systems such as magnetoresistice, spin-tunneling, thin film magnetic modulation and recently also magnetic impedance transducers, reached sensibility of 1-10 pT/Hz0.5 or even 100fT/Hz0.5. But reaching such sensibility level in minature sensor systems given frequency response of the detected signals, stability and controllability, is still a big challange. One of the raditly growing directions of scientific research in the Technology of Electronic Materials Department is development of minature ismart magnetic sensors based on giant magnetoimpedance effect. Theoretical and simultion research carried in NUST MISis and other research teams proved possibility in principal to lower magnetic noise level and self regulation of operation mode in impulse excitation of uniformly magnetized impedance elements - thin cables and films with spiral magnetic anisotropy. Sensibility level of 10-100pT along with micron size, linear and managed mode and high stability makes posiible the development of advanced and compact control and monitoring systems to be applied in Biology, Toxicology, Inspection and other industries. The research addresses the following tasks: 1. Optimize magnetic structure to increase miniature elements sensibility 2. Optimize signal/noise in real magnetometric systems 3. Develop smart sensor systems with managed operatio mode 4.Develop and study smart materials with distributed magnetoimpedance sensors. The research is done in the framework of international collaboration (Nagoya University, Japan; Plymouth and Bristol Universities, UK) and supported by RFBR grants.

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