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Nanocomposite hard magnetic materials, physics of magnetism, science of metals, manufacturing techniques

Нанокомпозиционные магнитотвердые материалы: физика магнетизма, материаловедение, технологии получения
Carrying out basic researches of magnetic properties and structure of alloys and composites for permanent magnets based on alloys of systems of rare-earth (RE) and 3d-metals. Search of new compositions and techniques of preparing the nanostructured alloys based on systems of RE-(Fe, Co)-B, RE-(Fe,Co), Fe-Ni-Al, Fe-Co-Cr, Sr-Fe-O and using extreme manufacturing techniques, in particular, of melt spinning, high-energy milling, severe plastic deformation. Development of new compositions and manufacturing techniques of high energy and high coercivity alloys based on systems of RE-Fe-B, RE-(Fe, Co), Fe-Ni-Al, Fe-Co-Cr and Sr-Fe-O


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