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Synthesis of Metallic and Ceramic Nanopowders by Solution Combustion

Синтез металлических и керамических нанопорошков методом горения растворов
Synthesis of metallic and ceramic nanopowders by solution combustion. Nanomaterials are obtained by various methods: salt solution sedimentation, plazma chemical, reduction by carbon oxide, gas phase reaction, etc. A specific group of methods of nanopowders synthesis is based on combustion. Combustion of reactionary invironments obtained by sedimentation of originally solid phase chemical components in liquid environments, the so called Solution Combustion (SC) is a new method of nanomaterials synthesis. The methods widens the range of obtained nanomaterials (presently it is over 1000 variations of nanosized coplex oxides, as well as nanopowders and intermetallides) applied in catalysis, medicine, electronics, powder metallurgy and other science and technology fields.


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