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Сognitive linguistics

Когнитивная лингвистика
Cognitive science (from cognito (latin) – awareness) – interdisciplinary research direction, which incorporates cognitive theory, cognitive psychology, neurophysiology, cognitive linguistics and artificial intelligence theory. Cognitive science studies “human intelligence –cogitation – mental processes and states” system. Cognitive linguistics studies mental processes during perception, conceptualization and consequently reality apprehension as well as various forms of their mental representations. Modern cognitive linguistics utilizes both mathematical and computer models of artificial intellect, theoretical linguistics achievements, and experimental methods borrowed from Psychology and Physiology of Higher Nervous Activity. Cognitive Linguistics lab was created at the Cybernetics Department to study: - Retrieval of a predefined text from internet sources - Documents abstracting - Development of automated rubricating system with learning function Laboratory head: Pashkin Matvey A. The main task of the laboratory is to convert theoretical research achievements in the field of cognitive linguistics into intellectual software available for every-day use in business and industrial production, science and education, state management and everyday life of common people. Big contribution is done by Cognitive Technologies company specialists – one of software leaders in Russia – as well as researchers from Institute of System Analysis of RAS.

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