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Конкурс Программа Аспирантура в Ведущих Лабораториях и Инфраструктурах

Safety and protection in emergency situations of economic facilities

Проблемы безопасности и защиты от чрезвычайных ситуаций объектов экономики
The characteristics of the Federal District, the state of fixed assets, an objective indicator formation of the dangers and threats of natural and man-made disasters, as well as the general parameters and dynamics of the different types of emergencies in Russia over the past 10 years. Formulated implemented in RF systems approach to solving the problems of safety of objects of the economy, providing for the establishment at all levels of the administrative structure of the country systems, civil defense and a unified state system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations (emergency management). The analysis of the composition and state of object-level pyramidal structure of these systems are defined characteristics and problems of the formation and effective functioning at this level of site-links of the civil defense and protection in emergencies.

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