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Научные основы создания ленточных трубчатых конвейеров для горной промышленности
SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF DEVELOPING TUBULAR BELT CONVEYORS FOR MINING INDUSTRY Belt conveyors of traditional construction are widely used in mining. They have simple construction, are reliable in operation and very safe. They are basic form of transportation in mines, open pits and surface complexes. The major drawback of belt conveyors of traditional construction is interaction of the transported load on the belt with the environment. Environment is polluted with the dust from the load and the load is exposed to outside impact. Environment protection requirements lead to fast development of airproof closed types of load transportation such as tubular belt conveyor (TBK) The major advantages of tubular belt conveyor are: • Safe protection of the environment from the dust when transporting loose cargo, and protection of cargo from outside impact. It improves ecological situation on the operation site. • Possibility to transport minerals at higher angles +30 degrees. • Possibility of horizontal, vertical as well as no uniplanar bendings. It allows to transport cargo at long distances without reloading which make operation less reliable. At mining enterprises tabular conveyors can be used in surface mining complexes and open pits for transportation of dusty coal from mining enterprise to TPP, inside concentrating mills, etc. TBK are used in many industries, transport cargo of various bulk densities and grading composition at various distances. But there are no public scientifically based recommendations to calculate drag of TBK, study of stability , choice of construction parameters, specifically such as optimal belt speed for targeted productivity, distance between roll pillars and diameters of rollers at cargo and empty ways, etc. Mining Engineering and Transport Department develops research to solve some of the above mentioned tasks, which can become the basis for justifying main constructive solutions for TBK. They include: • Developing drag calculation for TBK with the help of modern applied software pack ANSYS • Developing computer simulation model of optimizing interrelated constructive parameters of TBK • Investigating rotation stability of tube-style belt inside circular poll pillars.

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