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Обоснование параметров транспортно-технологического оборудования при случайных колебаниях материальных потоков
JUSTIFICATION OF TRANSPORT AND PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT UNDER RANDOM VIBRATIONS OF MATERIAL STREAMS It is commonly accepted that parameters of material streams generated by various technical systems, are treated as random processes. It serves as a basis for calculation parameters of various transport and production equipment regulation systems. For this purpose x(t) parameter change is treated as Gaussian Markoff process (GMP) with constant change intensity in time. Though actual streams parameters are different from normally distributed values and change within physically possible frames (for example: substance concentration cannot change from 0 to 1), GMP is convenient to use for calculation simplicity. But it negatively impacts the calculation accuracy. Works below justify using generic beta-distributor to describe the value of random stream. Dependence of two parameters (η и γ) help to simulate various forms of density distribution f(x). We have proposed a model of random stream based on empiric characteristics, which uses two laws of distribution by stream levels of two independent characteristics – static (probability of the level) and dynamic (period of stay at the level). The model is based on kangaroo type processes. Unlike the applied stream models, in the type of process under consideration the time distribution intensity of the process at various levels xi(t) are functionally connected with the values of the levels and is not a constant value. It is worth mentioning that math analysis if stream transformation of the considered type when passing through devices with typical transmission functions, is much more difficult than for GMP. Beside computer simulation of such processes is quite difficult. Публикации по теме: 1. Дьяченко В.П. Вероятностное представление грузопотоков при расчетах ленточных конвейеров горных предприятий.- Горное оборудование и электромеханика, №1, 2009, с. 53-55. 2. Дьяченко В.П. Прогнозирование величины случайных забойных грузопотоков угольных шахт/ Горная механика и транспорт. Отд. выпуск ГИАБ, №ОВ16.- М.: Изд-во Горная книга, 2009, с. 200-209. 3. Дьяченко В.П. Проблемы типизации случайных грузопотоков горных предприятий./В кн: Галкин В.И., Дмитриев В.Г., Дьяченко В.П, Запенин И.В., Шешко Е.Е. Современная теория ленточных конвейеров горных предприятий. Издание 2-е.- М.: Изд-во «Горная книга», 2011.- с. 35-43

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