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Горная геофизика и геоконтроль
GEOPHYSICS AND GEOCONTROL The scientific research direction deals with the following tasks of informational support of efficient and safe mountain engineering, underground construction and operation: -mining and geological control tasks related to studying general geological structure of rock massif and their lithology splitting; extension of field and setting boundaries with adjacent strata; detecting various defects in the massif (fissures, caves, water sinks, washing out, etc) and other enclaves with abnormal physical and mechanical properties; contouring raptured zone, rock jointing and fragmenting; evaluation of hydro-geological situation, etc; - mining and technical control tasks related to studying density, mechanical (springy, plastic, strength, rheological), wave and other properties of rocks, their inhomogeneity, anisotropy of rock jointing; - mining and technical control tasks related to studying strain and stress state of constructive elements of field development systems of various purposes, forecasting their stability as well as dangerous instance of rock pressure; -mining and technical control tasks related to investigating mining and technological properties of rock, evaluating quality of strengthening, unstrengthening, fixing, fracturing and other processes, performed on the rock massif to achieve targeted changes of properties and states; - mining and technical control tasks related to evaluating negative mining impact on the environment. Among research directions within the framework of the scientific school, the most important is the so called “acoustic direction”, related to development of the theory, methodological and instrument support of active methods of geo control, based on springy waves of various frequencies. Another direction of the research in the framework of the scientific school is development of methods and systems of radio introscopy of geological objects and control of geo mechanical processes in rock massif using radio channel to transmit measuring data. В период с 1980 по 1990 гг. кафедрой проводились исследования, на-правленные на разработку геофизических методов контроля перемещения фронта горения при подземных пожарах, сжигании и газификации угля. Science 1980s the research have dealt with investigation of memory effect of rock – fundamental properties of geo materials to accumulate, store and reproduce data of earlier impacts. Research also covers development of acoustic emission methods and means of diagnosis of geo materials properties and states. Since 1995 the team has developed technical means of video coring of various pits. Since 2002 a new perspective direction has been developed – ultrasonic spectroscopy in collaboration with International laser center of Moscow State University.

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