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Разработка подъемных установок с резинотросовыми лентами
DEVELOPMENT OF HOISTERS WITH STEEL-REINFORCED BELTS One of the most important elements of mine hoisters is cables. Requirements to such cables are constantly growing following the growth of mines capacity and higher pace of construction. Comparatively short life of hoister cables increase costs related to their replacement and idle period of the enterprise. Thus increasing technological lifespan of draw gear of hoisters is a big challenge. Advantages of hoisters with steel-reinforced belts: • Smaller size, weight and mass of hoister draw gear • Lower capital and operation costs of mine hoister • Longer technological lifespan of hoister draw gear • Use of highly efficient hoisters with friction wheel for mines of 100-400 m deep. The research concentrates on improvement of technical characteristics of vertical hoisters by replacing steel hoist cables with steel-reinforced belts. Another improvement offered is modernization of hoisters by installing belt-type draw gear. Mining Mechanical Engineering and Transport Department determined belt-type draw gear application areas, developed methods of evaluation and choice of mode and performance parameters of belt hoisters, developed mathematical model to determine load impact in draw gear of any kind, offered new methods of developing hoister drum and hoister break gear. Simulation of stress strain behavior of hoister elements allows taking into account load impact in draw gear at design stage and provide for rational parameters of break gear and feasibility of drum construction. The developed procedures allow: • Justify the choice of hoister structural design depending on target productivity, draw gear used and conditions of operation, choose construction and technological parameters; • Calculate geometrical and power parameters of the hoist drum and breaks gear • Choose draw gear suitable for specific operation conditions • Determine stress in the hoister draw gear taking into account dynamic process of operation • Evaluate the most efficient mode of the hoister operation. Application: open pit mining, coal mining, underground and metro engineering works Publications: total over 20 works including 1 workbook.

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