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Конкурс Программа Аспирантура в Ведущих Лабораториях и Инфраструктурах

 Косогор Анна Алексеевна On the photo: Anna Kosogor

Research area:

Influence of static and dynamic mechanical stresses on the thermodynamic, elastic and magneto-elastic properties of shape memory alloys


Vladimir Khovaylo


Functional nano systems and high-temparature materials

Winner of open international NUST «MISiS»  grant competition to support the invitation of doctoral students and young scientists with international background to conduct a joint research project

Area of Expertise.

- Influence of aging and cycling on functional properties of shape memory alloys;

- Impact of crystal defects on properties of crystalline solids;

 - Magnetic, elastic, superelastic and magnetoelastic properties of the shape memory alloys;

- Hydrogen absorption in bulk metal and thin metallic films.

Major Scientific Advances.

Theory that describes influence of the aging and cycling on functional properties of shape memory alloys is elaborated.

Landau theory was developed for the description of martensitic transformations in crystal with defects.

Theoretical model that describes phase transitions of hydrogen in bulk metal and thin metallic films.

Research Projects and Contracts.

1. Transformational and dynamical behavior of hydrogen in metals (2012-2013, Uppsala University, Department of Physics, Sweden, Uppsala).

2. Investigation of influence of crystallographic defects on shape memory alloys, The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (August-November 2013, National University of Science and Technology "MISIS", Russia, Moscow).

3. Hydrogen phase transformations in thin films and bulk metallic specimens, National Academy of Science of Ukraine (2013-2014, Institute of Magnetism, Ukraine, Kyiv).

Scientific Recognition

Short biography in included in Who's Who in the World.


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2.    Kosogor A., L’vov V.A., Chernenko V.A., Villa E., Barandiaran J.M., Fukuda T., Terai T., Kakeshita T. Hysteretic and anhysteretic tensile stress-strain behavior of Ni-Fe(Co)-Ga single crystal: Experiment and theory // Acta Materialia – 2014 – Vol. 66. – P. 79 –85.
3.    Kosogor A., Xue D., Zhou Y., Ding X., Otsuka K., L’vov V.A., Sun J., Ren X. Impact of the volume change on the ageing effects in Cu–Al–Ni martensite: experiment and theory // Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter – 2013 – Vol. 25 – P. 335402.
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Work in NUST MISiS:

Influence of static and dynamic mechanical stresses on the thermodynamic, elastic and magneto-elastic properties of shape memory alloys.

Lectures, Workshops held at NUST MISiS

Report «Impact of the mechanical stresses on the elastic modulus of shape memory alloy».


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