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Ермекова Жанна Сериковна

Yermekova Zhanna


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Russian Federation,



Name of the Chair/Lab

Science and Research Center of Functional Nano-Ceramics

Research area.

Combustion, materials science, chemistry, ceramics; metallurgy

Academic Degrees and Titles.

PhD Academic – Chemical physics of combustion processes

Academic Position

Expert at Science and Research Center of Functional Nano-Ceramics

Area of Expertise

Combustion, new materials, chemical engineering.

Major Scientific Advances

.Coauthor of the modified low energy self-propagating high temperature synthesis method of the silicon and silicon carbide nanopowders. Coauthor of the new synthesis approach for the heat resistant ceramics.

Research Projects and Contracts.

Project “Synthesis of amorphous metal nanopowders with following self-sustaining crystallization”

Referee, Reviewer.

28.04.2014 Review of Doctoral Thesis Abstract of Hambardzumyan Armine Armen. Thesis title: Combustion laws in the mechanochemically activated Me (W, Mo, Cr) - Si - C systems and synthesis of MeSi2-SiC Composites.  Institute of Chemical Physics NAS RA


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