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Фистуль Михаил Викторович On the photo: Mikhail V. Fistul

University: Institute of Theoretical Physics, Ruhr-Universitat, Bochum Germany

Academic degree and title: Scientist

Education: 1984, Scientific Degree of Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Specialty of Solid State Physics, Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute.
Thesis title: Josephson effect in superconductor-semiconductor-superconductor junctions; Thesis adviser - Prof. L.G. Aslamazov
1981 graduated from Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute, Speciality of Physics of Metals.

Scientific interests: macroscopic quantum effects in superconducting Josephson systems, quantum computation in superconducting systems, superconducting metamaterials, physics of graphene based nanostructures, quanum effects in systems of nanocrystals, transport properties of low dimensional systems in the presence of microwave radiation.

Scientific advances: Resonant tunneling of superconducting pairs in Josephson junctions with semiconducting interlayers (1982), Hopping conductivity of metal-semiconductor-metal contacts (1987), Critical current of  Josephson junctions (and layered superconductors) in the presence of trapped Abrikosov vortices (1992), macroscopic quantum effects of josephson vortices and vortex-anti-vortex pairs (2003), macroscopic Coulomb blockade in Josephson junction arrays, super-insulator regime (2008), photo-current in graphene nanostructures (2010-2012), metal-insulator transition in nanocrystalline graphene (2011).

Research projects and contracts:
-2012-2013 Russian Science Foundation, Project "Quantum synchronization in systems of interacting Josephson junctions", National University of Science and Technology "MISiS", Russia and Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany (invited researcher).
-2007 Scientific coordinator of the international workshop "Quantum effects in arrays of nanocrystals" ( The Lorentz Center, Leiden, Netherlands).

-2010-2016 SPP "Graphene" (Sub-project: Photon-assisted quantum coherent phenomena in graphene n-p and n-p-n junctions. Quantum transport in graphene based arrays of nanocrystals) (Leading scientist) (DFG, Germany)

Referee for JETP, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B(E), Journal of Physics, Europhysics Letters, Super. Science and Techn.

DSC04169.JPG On the photo: Mikhail V.Fistul with Alexey Ustinov and Sergey Shitov. Scientists at work.

 Scientific recognition:
-1986 First National Award for Young Researchers (Lenin Komsomol Prize), Russia -1998, 2002 Humboldt Research Fellowship, Germany
-2002-2004  Professorship, recipient of "INNOVATEC" programme in the field of nanoscience (DFG, Germany)
-2004  recipient of Merkator Professorship programme (DFG, Germany)
-2010-2016 SPP "Graphene" (Sub-project: Photon-assisted quantum coherent phenomena in graphene n-p and n-p-n junctions. Quantum transport in graphene based arrays of nanocrystals) (Leading scientist) (DFG, Germany)
-2006-2008 SFB 491 "Magnetische Heteroschichten: Spinstruktur und Spintransport" (Sub-project: Influence of magneic interaction on the transport in low dimensional systems) (Leading scientist) (DFG, Germany)
-2004-2006 European Science Foundation-Network AQDJJ: "Arrays of Quantum Dots and Josephson Junctions"
-2000-2003 European Project "LOCNET" (Localization by nonlinearity and spatial discreteness, and energy transfer, in crystals, biomolecules and Josephson arrays) -1999-2002    SPP "Quanten-Informationsverarbeitung" (Sub-project: Investigation of macroscopic quantum states of Josephson fluxons) (DFG, Germany)
-1991-1997    Superconducting MIDWEST Consortium (Purdue University, USA) -1989-1992    h-Temperature Superconductors (Academy of Science, Soviet Union)

Teaching experience:
Macroscopic quantum effects in superconducting (Josephson) systems (2012-MISiS)
Quantum computation /2002-2004- Erlangen-Nürnberg University (Erlangen, Germany)/
Physics of mesoscopic systems /2002-2004- Erlangen-Nürnberg University (Erlangen, Germany)/
Introduction in spintronics /2002-2004- Erlangen-Nürnberg University (Erlangen, Germany)/
Superconductivity /1991, 1996-1997, 2000-2001-MITHT; 1995-1996-Purdue University (USA); 2002-2004- Erlangen-Nürnberg University (Erlangen, Germany),/

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