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Лебедев Олег Игоревич The University: Basse-Normandie University Caen, ENSICAEN

Country: France

City: Caen

Department: CNRS /CRISMAT (CRIStallography and MATerials science) CNRS

Academic Position:
Research Director

Winner of open international NUST «MISiS»  grant competition  to support the invitation of world's leading scientists for short term joined research projects
Research Area:
CRISMAT aims at contributing to the technological innovation in the societal domains of energy and communication – information technologies (CIT’s), via a combination of fundamental and applicative research. The worldwide reputation of the laboratory comes from its capability to discover new oxides with remarkable properties such as high TC superconductors, manganites with colossal magnetoresistance, thermoelectrics, multiferroïcs…
Academic degree and titles:

Area of Expertise:

Electron Microscopy investigation of novel inorganic materials, ready devices and interface_s, nanostructures and defect structures…
Major Scientific Advances:

Research Projects and Contracts:

Referee, Reviewer

Refereeing  in  numbers of scientific journals like Chemistry of Materials, Nanoscale, Journal of Applied Physics, Crystal Growth and Design, Microscopy and Microanalysis, Inorganic Chemestry…

Scientific Recognition
- Prime d'excellence scientifique 2013 CNRS, France
- Award ENMIX European Nanoporous Materials Institute of Excellence  best publication of 2011 year

Lectures NUST MISiS (Russia):
Course of lectures on " Advance electron microscopy for material science: from new materials to nanostructures." 

Photography,  arts and theater, football-volleyball-badminton,  dogs, ski

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