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Поляков Александр Яковлевич Name: Alexander Yakovlevich Polyakov

Chonbuk National University

South Korea


Name of the Department:
School of Advanced Materials Engineering and Research Center of Advanced Materials Development

Research Area:
Wide-bandgap light emitting diodes LEDs, wide-bandgap high electron mobility transistors HEMTs, wide-bandgap power rectifiers, wide-bandgap solar cells, performance enhancement using localized surface_ plasmons

Academic Degree and Titles:

Equivalent of PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

Academic Position:
Visiting Professor

Winner of open international NUST «MISiS»  grant competition  to support the invitation of world's leading scientists for short term joined research projects
Area of Expertise:
Properties of heterojunctions, quantum wells and quantum dots, effects of deep traps on performance of LEDs and HEMTs, interaction of light with surface_ plasmons.

Major Scientific Advances:

Identification of defects prominent in non-radiative recombination of GaN-based LEDs and in non-idealities in GaN-based HEMTs,

identification of major radiation defects in III-Nitrides,

improvement of LEDs performance using interaction with localized surface_ plasmons.

Research Projects and Contracts:
Brain Pool program of Korean Government

Referee, Reviewer:
Regular refereering papers in leading journal on physics and materials science of semiconductors (J.Appl. Phys., Appl. Phys. Lett., Mat. Sci&Eng., Optics Express, Chem. Materials, Physica Status Solidi, J. Cryst. Growth

H-index    29

Number of articles published in peer review periodicals referenced in the "Web of Science" database    278

Average weighted impact factor of the periodicals in which the leading scientist's articles were published    2,53

Number of citations of the articles published in periodicals referenced in the "Web of Science" database    1999

Average number of citations per article    10,80

Number of articles published in periodicals referenced in the "Web of Science" database within the past five years    58

Average weighted impact factor of the periodicals in which the articles were published within the past five years    2,394

Patents, Intellectual Property:

Work in NUST MISiS:
Leading Scientist on the 5-100 project

Lectures, Workshops held at NUST MISiS:
To be delivered in 2015

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