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Мажуга Александр Георгиевич The University: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chemistry Department


City: Moscow

Department: Chemistry Department

Academic Position: 
Associate professor,  Deputy Dean

Academic Degrees and Titles:
Dr., PhD in chemistry, Doctor of sciences

Winner of open international NUST «MISiS»  grant competition  to support  scientific research in a new scientific area, implemented under the supervision of leading scientists, and  to establish a new laboratory
Area of Expertise:
Nanomaterials, functional materials, nanoparticles, bioinorganic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, organic synthesis, nanochemistry


The scientific activity of the project leader Dr. Majouga is focused in the field of organic and inorganic materials synthesis for medical purposes.

Dr. Majouga found some new synthetic approaches that leads to biologically active compounds, including  derivatives of heterocycles, peptides, transition metal coordination compounds.
Important role in the search for biologically active compounds plays nanohybrid materials. In his laboratory at MSU has developed a methodology of complex research of nanomaterials based on sulfur-containing ligands and metal nanoparticles.

Such materials have been successfully used in chromatography (for the separation of chiral drug enantiomers), catalysis (development of catalytic systems for exhaust gas afterburning), sensors (sensors getting heavy metal ions) .

 Recent studies was devoted to the search for new anticancer drugs . Small molecule inhibitors have been found for the enzyme telomerase, described analogues of these drugs are highly effective in vitro and in vivo. Dr. Majouga heads the synthetic group  (biologically active substances and materials) within the center of the MSU - SkTeh -MIT. As part of these studies will be new drugs for the treatment of liver cancer and prostate cancer.

Research of the Dr. Majouga's lab are international, between his laboratory and the University of Nottingham (UK) , the center of Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery University of Nebraska Medical Center (USA), pharmaceutical faculty of the University of North Carolina (USA) close cooperation was established.

Together with Professor Kabanov AV (USA), they found a new effect of low frequency magnetic fields on the biomolecules attached to the surface_ of the nanoparticles. This discovery, in the future, no doubt allow to construct a device for biomedical applications .

On the basis of these works , he has published more than 100 scientific papers in top-rated journals, including Angewandte Chemi, Coordinational Chemical Reviews, Polyhedron, Tetrahedron , etc.

Alexander Majouga  is the author of more than 5 patents , including international . He takes part in the organization of specialized conferences and seminars, make oral presentations as a guest speaker at international events .

His staff and graduate students actively participate and win prizes in competitions research. Under his supervision about thirty graduate diploma works was done and he was the supervised of five PhD works.

Dr. Majouga  actively implementing the results of scientific activities in the educational process . He  create courses: "Chemistry of nanomaterials for biomedical applications", "Bioorganic Chemistry" for students enrolled in the specialization "Chemistry of living systems".

 Dr. Majouga spend a lot of time for commercialization of innovations. He was the supervisor and organizer of several companies operating in the field of innovative entrepreneurship.


Dr. Majouga A. was the winner of the Lomonosov Moscow state university (MSU) contest for young scientists ( 2006, 2007, 2009), he has awarded medal for young scientists of the RAS ( 2006 ) for the best work in the field of chemistry. He has been granted for the best innovative project of the Faculty of Chemistry (2008, 2009) and Lomonosov Moscow State University ( 2011 ).  For his work in the field of education in 2010, he was awarded the title of "Excellent Education" from the Ministry of Education. Dr. Majouga AG member of the personnel reserve of  the MSU. Member of the Council of Young Scientists of the Faculty of Chemistry , organizer and secretary of the seminar "Advanced Nanomaterials", member of educational-methodical commission "nanobiomaterials", organizer of the consortium "Chemistry of Functional Nanomaterials". Winner of the contest "Innovative technologies for the real economy and social sphere" (2009), winner of the contest " High technology - basis for the modernization and development of the industry ".  Dr. Majouga is a member of the American Chemical Society , the International Society of bioinorganic Chemistry and Russian Mendeleev's society.

1.    «Scientiavinces. Knowledge win. From the first president of  Nikolaev "    The Ministry of Education    2013    For system development work in chemical education, the formation of technical thinking in students republic
2.    Excellence in Education    The Ministry of Education    2009    Systematic work aimed at training talented pupils and students
3.     Medal of the International forum "High Technologies of XXI Century"     Government of Moscow     2009    For his work "The chromatographic system based on new nanohybrid materials for separation of active pharmaceuticals"
4.    Medal of the International form of "High Technologies of XXI century»    Government of Moscow    2009    For his work "Development of a method of analysis and purification of drugs"
5.    Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences    Russian Academy of Sciences    2006    For his work "Universal oxidation catalysts"

 Research Projectsand Contracts:
1. Chemical design of bionanomaterials for medical purposes    Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation    2010-2013
2. Center for RNA technology    Skolkovo Technological University    2013-2017
3. Synthesis and preclinical testing of a new type of anticancer drug - telomerase inhibitor.    Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology    2012-2013
4.New ways of cancer therapy models G4-quadruplexes, the use of metal nanoparticles for targeted delivery and diagnostics.    Russian Foundation monumental research    2012-2014
5. The use of nanoparticles for targeted delivery and stabilization of nucleic acids    Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation    2010-2012
6. New nanohybrid materials based on metal nanoparticles    Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation    2010-2012
7. New approaches to the creation of small molecule inhibitors of telomerase    Russian Foundation monumental research    2012-2014

 Referee, Reviewer:
 Journal of nanoparticle research (2010 till now),  Biochemie (2011 till now)

Scientific Recognition
1. Expert at Skolkovo Fund (Biomed and nuclear clusters)
2. Expert at Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation
3. Scientific advisor of the Center of national intellectual reserve
4. Member of the American Chemical Society
5. Member of the International Society of bioinorganic
6. Expert Education Accreditation Centre AKKORK

Patents, Intellectual Property:
1.    Mazhuga AG Zverev ME, telomerase inhibitors and their method of preparation, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov  Moscow State University      patent    09 April  2010    Россия, 09 April 2010    RU2010113946     09.05.2010
2.    A.G.Mazhuga, M.I.Zvereva, TELOMERASE INHIBITORS AND A METHOD FOR THE PREPARATION THEREOF     patent    05 April 2011    Европа, 05 апреля 2011    PCT/RU2011/000223    05 April 2011
3.    Mazhuga AG, Ananeva IA Shpigun OA, EN Shapovalov, Beloglazkina EK, Zik NV, NS Zefirov A method for producing separation functional materials nanohybrid-modified nanoparticles of metals and their use in chromatography. Patent number 2366502 on September 10, 2009     patent    29 October 2009    Россия, 29 October 2027    №2366502    10 September 2009
4.    Antibacterial drug and its production method. Mazhuga AG, Krutyakov YA, Kudrinskiy AA, GV Lisichkin Patent number 24194319 on October 29, 2009     patent    29 October 2009    Россия,  29 October 2009 г.    № 24194319    29 October 2009


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