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Ефетов Константин Борисович The University:  Ruhr University Bochum

Country:  Germany

City:  Bochum

Department: Lehrstuhl Teoretische Physik III

Academic Position: Doctor of Science 1983, Professor, 1997

Winner of open international NUST «MISiS»  grant competition  to support  scientific research in a new scientific area, implemented under the supervision of leading scientists, and  to establish a new laboratory
Research Area:
Physics of  strongly correlated systems, superconductivity, graphene .

Academic degree and titles: 
Doctor of Science 1983, Professor, 1997
Professor and Director of the Theoretical Physics III 

Area of Expertise:

Theoretical physics, strongly-interacting electrons, superconductivity, mesoscopic systems, graphene .


Major Scientific Advances
Prof. Konstantin Efetov is author of more than 170 publications in world leading journals. Among his publications one should mention a book “Supersymmetry in Disorder and Chaos” published by prestigious Cambridge University Press, one review in Advances in Physics, two reviews in Reviews of Modern Physics, an article in Nature Physics, 30 articles in Physical Review Letters, and 70 articles in Physical Review B.  Since 1994, Konstantin Efetov has given more than 112 invited talks at international conferences.

A most important scientific results:
- a general formulation of the scheme of calculation of correlation functions in one dimensional interacting electron gases, phase transitions is granular superconductors-“bosonization” method.
- the construction of the supersymmetry method for disordered systems and proving Anderson localization in quantum wires and Wigner-Dyson statistics in small metal particles;  the solution of the sigma-model in high dimensions that has allowed to describe critical behavior near the Anderson metal-insulator transition.
- “Quantum Chaos” and the supersymmetry method have been used to describe quantitatively a great amount of physical effects in mesoscopic systems.
-a new type of superconductivity, namely, “odd triplet superconductivity” was predicted in superconductor-ferromagnet structures.
- study of granular metals has resulted in discovery of a logarithmic temperature behavior of conductivity and other transport quantities in any dimension of the array of the grains.
-photocurrent in graphene nanostructures.
-the application of bosonization method in order to solve the sign problem in fermionic Monte Carlo computations.
- an explanation of a pseudogap state in high temperature superconducting cuprates has been proposed.       

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Research Projects and Contracts:

Now Konstantin Efetov is the principal investigator in 3 scientific projects . The financial support occurs through the DFG (Germany) (the total amount is 500 000 Euro).
Referee, Reviewer

The refereeing of scientific papers for such Journals as Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, Reviews of Modern Physics, etc.
Since 2010, K. Efetov is the Member of Scientific Board of International Institute of Physics, Natal, Brazil.

Scientific Recognition

Prof. Konstantin Efetov is the Fellow of American Physical Society, a recipient of Blaise Pascal Chair Award established by French Government and of Landau-Weizman Research Award given by the Weizman Institute in Israel. He is “Outstanding Referee of the American Physical Society”, the Award given for outstanding efforts in refereeing for such Journals as Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, Reviews of Modern Physics, etc.


173 scientific papers, H-index    48 (Google Scholar) , 43 (Web of Science)
Average weighted impact factor of the periodicals in which the leading scientist's articles were published7    5.274 ; Number of citations of the articles published in periodicals referenced in the "Web of Science" database    7530; the book “Supersymmetry in Disorder and Chaos”

Work in NUST MISiS
The leading scientist of the project “Collective phenomena in quantum matter” (joint project with the chair TPQT NITU MISiS)

Lectures NUST MISiS (Russia):

The invited talk: “Joint Project: Collective phenomena in quantum matter”



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