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Федотов Петр Сергеевич

Petr Fedotov

University: Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (GEOKHI RAS), Moscow
Academic degree and title: Professor (Doctor of Science)

Academic positions: head of the laboratory of separation and pre-concentration in the chemical diagnostics of functional materials and environmental objects (NUST “MISiS”), leading research scientist in GEOKHI RAS, scientific secretary of the National Committee of Russian Chemists, executive secretary of Journal of Analytical Chemistry

Winner of the open International grant competition of NUST “MISiS” designed to provide support to new research projects implemented under the supervision of the world's leading scientists, and to establish a new laboratory

round table “Activities of international organizations in the field of analytical  international workshop “Establishing and developing the laboratory of separation and pre-concentration of trace elements and  nano/microparticles in NUST “MISiS”

Area of interests:
analytical chemistry; ecology; development of separation and pre-concentration methods; fractionation, investigation, and analysis of nano- and micropartices of functional materials and environmental objects

  Main scientific achievements: 

Petr Fedotov is a recognized scientist in the area of methods for pre-concentration, separation, and recovery of inorganic and organic substances.

His research is aimed at the creation of physicochemical fundamentals of dynamic separation of soluble components and solid particles in liquid–liquid and liquid–solid systems. He has developed the theoretical aspects of countercurrent chromatography (CCC), investigated peculiarities of mass transfer of elements to be separated and pre-concentrated in liquid–liquid systems. The regularities evaluated were practically applied to the separation and pre-concentration of rare and rare earth elements from ores and other geological samples. Petr Fedotov was awarded by the International Academic Publishing Company “Nauka” for a series of publications on CCC.

Petr Fedotov has proposed a new method for the fast and efficient fractionation of trace metals and metalloids according to their physicochemical mobility and bioaccessibility. The dynamic fractionation of elements in environmental solids was performed using rotating coiled columns (RCC). The first results published in Journal of Environmental Monitoring have been mentioned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an important achievement in the analysis of soils and sediments.

Petr Fedotov has developed a new sedimentation field-flow fractionation technique employing rotating coiled columns of original design. The parameters for the separation of natural microparticles of irregular shape were chosen, optimized, and applied to the fractionation of soils. A principal possibility of using RCC in the analysis and production of standard particulate samples was demonstrated. For the first time, nano- and submicron particles of street dust have been separated, weighted, and analyzed; there are no similar works so far.

A principal possibility has been shown of application of RCC to the preparative fractionation and recovery of monodisperse fraction of synthesize_d particles. Further scale-up of the fractionation of polydisperse mixtures of particles is under study. This is of particular importance for obtaining innovative powder materials with narrow size_ distribution.

 International recognition 

Petr Fedotov is elected Vice-President of Chemistry and the Environment Division of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) for 2014-2015 (according to the IUPAC bylaw he will be Division President and IUPAC Bureau Member in 2016-2017).

 Reviewing, expertise 

Member of the Editorial Board of “Separation & Purification Reviews”, permanent reviewer of more than twenty international and Russian journals

Expert of Russian Scientific Foundation and Russian Foundation for Basic Research


Leader of more than ten projects supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Academy of Sciences, INTAS, TEMPUS, DAAD, etc.


More than seventy papers in international and Russian peer-reviewed journals, 5 chapters in books, more than one hundred abstracts of oral, key-note, and plenary lectures given at international and Russian conferences.


  •       Fedotov P.S., Miró M. Fractionation and mobility of trace elements in soils and sediments. In Biophysico-Chemical Processes of Heavy Metals and Metalloids in Soil Environments (eds. Violante A., P.M. Huang, G.M. Gadd). John Willey & Sons, Inc. Hoboken. 2008. P. 467-521.
  •       Fedotov P.S., Vanifatova N.G., Shkinev V.M., Spivakov B.Ya. Fractionation and characterization of nano and microparticles in liquid media. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 2011, V. 400, P. 1787-1804.
  •       Fedotov P.S., Kördel W., Miró M., Peijnenburg W.J.G.M., Wennrich R., Huang P.M. Extraction and Fractionation Methods for Exposure Assessment of Trace Metals, Metalloids and Hazardous Organic Compounds in Terrestrial Environments. Crit. Rev. Env. Sci. Tech. 2012, V. 42, P. 1117-1171.
  •       Fedotov P.S. Estimating the bioavailability of trace metals/metalloids and persistent organic substances in terrestrial environments: challenges and need for multidisciplinary approaches. Pure Appl. Chem. 2014. V. 86. P. 1085-1095.
  •       Fedotov P.S., Ermolin M.S., Katasonova O.N. Field-flow fractionation of nano- and microparticles in rotating coiled columns  J. Chromatogr.  A.  2015.  V.1381.  P. 202-209.


Lectures and seminars in NUST "MISiS"

In 2014 gave a «Christmas Lecture» about the fractionation of nano- and microparticles of technological and natural samples, participated in the development of the educational course “Modern methods of separation and pre-concentration”.


travelling; paragliding; visiting museums of fine arts, ballet and opera performances, concerts; playing piano

in Bari (2008)
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Austrian Alps (summer2009)
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French Alps, school of paragliding (2003)
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 Solovetsky islands (2011)
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Grand Canyon (2014)
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