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Акихиса Иноуэ

Akihisa Inoue

the University of your primary employment:

Name of the University;

Josai University Educational Corporation

Country; Japan

City; Tokyo

Research area.

Bulk glassy alloys; supercooled alloys, liquid, Nonequilibrium metallic materials.

Academic Degrees and Titles.

PhD, Doctor of Science, Professor

Academic Position

Director, Professor

Area of Expertise.

Bulk glassy alloys; supercooled alloys, liquid, Nonequilibrium metallic materials.

Major Scientific Advances.

Akihisa Inoue studied the production technique, formation, structure, structural relaxation, thermal stability, mechanical and chemical properties and magnetic characteristics of amorphous alloys (1974-present), nanocrystalline alloys (1987-present), nanoquasicrystalline alloys (1989-2011) and bulk glassy alloys (1988-present). As a result, Inoue succeeded in commercializing these nonnequilibrrium alloys as structural, sensor and soft magnetic materials with trademarks of SENCY and BOLHER (Fe-based magnetic amorphous alloy wires), GIGAS and SUMIALTOUGH (Al-based high-strength nanocrystalline alloys), NANOPERM (Fe-based nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloys), LIQUALLOY and SENNTIX (Fe-based soft magnetic bulk glassy alloys), AMO-Beads (Fe-based high-strength glassy alloy balls) and GLASS-COAT (Fe-based high-corrosion resistance glassy coated layer and sheet).

Research Projects and Contracts.

1. Supercooled Liquid Project with support of Japan Science and Technology Agency. Budget -  900 mln. rubles. 1997-2002. Scientific results: 450 Papers, 180 Patents.

2. Industrialization of Bulk Metallic Glasses with support of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Origination. Budget - 860 mln. rubles. 2002-2006. Scientific results: 80 Papers, 60 Patents.

Referee, Reviewer.

Scripta Materialia;

Nanostructured Materials;

International Journal of Rapid Solidification;

Materials Translation, JIM;

Applied Physics Letters,;

Journal of Applied physics;

Applied Physics Review;

Scientific Recognition

1. 2002. The Japan Academy Prize. Stabilization of metallic supercooled liquid and opening up of bulk glassy alloys;

2. 2006. Life Member of the Japan Academy. Development of bulk glassy alloys.

3. 2008. Life Foreign Member of the USA National Academy of Engineering. For outstanding achievements and international leadership in the design of advanced bulk metallic glasses and other metastable materials.

4. 2009. James C. McGroody Prize for New Materials. For the development of slow cooling methods for the fabrication of bulk metallic glasses with remarkable mechanical properties and the characterization and application of these materials.

5. 2010. Gold Medal Award the Board of Governors of Acta Materialia. Developments of various bulk glassy alloys with functional properties and viscous flow deformability, and the realization of their applications.


More than 2250 scientific papers.

Major publications for the last 5 years:

1. A. Hirata, P. Guan, T. Fujita, Y. Hirotsu, A. Inoue, A.R. Yavari, T. Sakurai, M. Chen Direct observation of local atomic order in a metallic glass Nature Materials 2011, 10, 1.

2. A. Inoue, A. Takeuchi Recent development and application products of bulk glassy alloys Acta Materialia 2011, 59, 6.

3. Louzguine-Luzgin D. V., Bazlov A. I.), Ketov S. V., Greer A. L., Inoue A. Crystal growth limitation as a critical factor for formation of Fe-based bulk metallic glasses Acta Materialia 2015, 82.

4. Chen, N; Louzguine-Luzgin, DV ; Xie, GQ  ; Sharma, P  ; Perepezko, JH; Esashi, M; Yavari, AR; Inoue, A Structural investigation and mechanical properties of a representative of a new class of materials: nanograined metallic glasses Nanotechnology 2013, 24, 4.

5. J.P. Chu, J.E. Greene, J.S.C. Jang, J.C. Huang,; Y.L. Shen, P.K. Liaw, Y. Yokoyama, A. Inoue,T.G. Nieh, Bendable bulk metallic glass: Effects of a thin, adhesive, strong, and ductile coating Acta Materialia 2012, 60, 6-7.

Patents, Intellectual Property.

1. Patent. Method for making Fe-base soft magnetic alloy. July 15, 1996. Canada, USA and China 1997-2017 CA2210017 C, US6083325 A, CN1068070 C.

2. Patent. Spherical particles of Fe base metallic glass alloy, Fe base sintered alloy soft magnetic material in bulk form produced by sintering the same, and method for their production December 25, 2002. World, Europe and USA 2003-2023. WO2004059020 A1, EP1593749 A1, US7622011 B2

3. Patent. Production method of internal gear and internal gear made of metallic glass. November 27, 2007. World, USA, 2008-2028. WO2009069716, US8418366 B2.

You work in NUST MISiS

Head of “Advanced Green Materials Laboratory”. 

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