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Захидов Анвар Абдулахадович

Zakhidov Anvar Abdulakhadovich

Name of the University;

NanoTech Institute, University of Texas at Dallas

Country; USA 

City; Richardson

Name of the Chair/Lab; UTD-NanoTech Institute

Research area

Physic Applied

Academic Degrees and Titles.

Ph.D., Professor of Physics

Academic Position

Associate Director of UTD-NanoTech Institute, Professor of Physics, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry 

Area of Expertise.

Environment energy, photovoltaic, carbon nanostructured materials

Major Scientific Advances.

During scientific career, Zakhidov have discovered several important phenomena and invented new concepts in physics: 1. Predicted theoretically the photoinduced charge transfer from conjugated polymer (as weak donor) to fullerene C60 (as weak acceptor) and experimentally pioneered with Yoshino and Morita; 2. Predicted theoretically coupled states of excitons with charges in organic matter. This coupled electron-exciton complexes have been found experimentally. 

Research Projects and Contracts

1. Tunable and Non-Linear Negative Index Photonic Crystals for Visible and IR Wavelength (18 million rubles, AFOSR 2008-2011); 2. Hybrid Tandem Solar Cells (7.4 million rubles, CONTACT consortium of Texas, 2007-2008); 3 Nanomanufacturing of Strong Multi-Functional Carbon Nanotube Yarns and Sheets for Advanced Applications (6.6 million rubles, HONDA Research Inc., 2007-2008); 4 Hierarchical carbon nanotube sheets and yarns (38 million rubles, NSF-NIRT, 2006-2011); 5 Synthesis of “quantum dot-conducting polymer” nano-stars for fundamental enhancement of photovoltaic conversion by charge multiplication (7.6 million rubles, Welch Foundations Grant, 2005-2008); 6 Strengthening of Superconductivity in macro-arrays of nanostructures (153 million rubles, AFOSR, 2009-2013); 7 Parallel Tandem Organic Solar Cells with Carbon Nanotube Sheet Interlayers (12.7 million rubles, DOE, STTR program (UTD/Solarno), 2010-2012) etc. 

Referee, Reviewer.

Currently Managing Editor of the International Journal of Nanoscience (2002-), Co-Editor of special volumes of Synthetic Metals (1993), and on the editorial board of Molecular Materials (since 1990)

Scientific Recognition

Fellow American Physical Society; Foreign Member           of Russian Academy Natural Sciences; MRS Award «Top 5 talks/Cool Papers»; Kapitza Medal for Scientific Discovery; NanoVic Award of Australia; Nano 50 Award; Asian-American Engineer of the Year Award


Biscrolling Nanotube Sheets and Functional Guests into Yarns / Lima, Marcio D.; Fang, Shaoli; Lepro, Xavier; Zakhidov A. et al // Science. – 2011. – Vol. 331, no. 6013. – P. 51-55

Giant-Stroke, Superelastic Carbon Nanotube Aerogel Muscles/ Aliev, A. E., Oh, J., Kozlov, M. E., Kuznetsov, A. A., Fang, S., Fonseca, A. F., Ovalle, R., Lima, M. D., Haque, M. H., Gartstein, Y. N., Zhang, M., Zakhidov, A. A., and Baughman, R. H. // Science. – 2009. – Vol. 323, no. 5921. – P. 1575–1578

Aerosol-Synthesize_d SWCNT Networks with Tunable Conductivity and Transparency by a Dry Transfer Technique / Kaskela, Antti; Nasibulin, Albert G.; Timmermans, Marina Y., Zakhidov A.; et al // Nano Lett. – 2010. – Vol. 10. – P. 4349–4355

Nanoimprinted Polymer Solar Cell / Yang, Y; Mielczarek, K ; Aryal, M; Zakhidov, A ;Hu, W // ACS Nano. – 2012. – Vol. 6. – P. 2877–2892

Electrochemically Tuned Properties for Electrolyte-Free Carbon Nanotube Sheets / Zakhidov, A. A., Suh, D.-S., Kuznetsov, A. A., Barisci, J. N., Muñoz, E., Dalton, A. B., Collins, S., Ebron, V. H., Zhang, M., Ferraris, J. P., Zakhidov, A. A., and Baughman, R. H. // Advanced Functional Materials. – 2009. Vol. 19, no. 14. – P.: 2266–2272

Electron Field Emission from Transparent Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Sheets for Inverted Field Emission Displays / Kuznetzov, A. A., Lee, S. B., Zhang, M., Baughman, R. H., and Zakhidov, A. A. // Carbon. – 2010. – Vol. 48, no. 1. – P. 41–46

Photoinduced Optical Transparency in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Containing Graphene Nanoribbons / Velten, J. A., Carretero-González, J., Castillo-Martínez, E., Bykova, J., Cook, A., Baughman, R., and Zakhidov, A. // Journal of Physical Chemistry C. – 2011. – Vol. 115, no. 50. - P 25125–25131

Patents, Intellectual Property.

PCT/US11/37481 Patent USA. Monolithic Parallel Multijunction OLED with Independent Tunable Color Emission. - 21/05/2011.

61/732379 Patent USA. Ionically Reconfigurable Organic Photovoltaic Devices. - 2/31/2012

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Open lecture «Perovskite Solar Cells Revolution in Photovoltaics with Hybrid CH3NH3PbI3: Future Tandems with Polymer OPV»

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