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Хазанов Ефим Аркадьевич

Efim Khazanov

University of your primary employment:

Name of the University;

of Applied Physics RAS





Nizhny Novgorod

Name of the Chair/Lab;

Nonlinear and laser optics department

Research area.

Laser Physics

Academic Degrees and Titles

corresponding member of Russian Academy of Science

Academic Position

Deputy Director

Area of Expertise.

solid state lasers, nonlinear optics

Major Scientific Advances.

Petawatt laser ,  developing of basics of thermooptics of laser ceramics

Referee, Reviewer.

Several leading optical journals


WoS h=38

Lectures, Workshops held at NUST MISiS

Lasers: properties, application and place in our life     Nov, 26, 2014

Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory , Dec, 25, 2014



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