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Жан Поль Исси
Jean Paul Issi

Name of the University
Université catholique de Louvain





Research area
Materials Science, Composites

Academic Degrees and Titles
PhD in Applied Sciences, Professeur ordinaire

Academic Position
Professor emeritus

Area of Expertise
Thermalconductivity of polymercomposites, carbon nanotubes based composites,synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes

Major Scientific Advances

- Over 250 papers published in international professional journals and conference proceedings,

- Over  80 contributions and invited papers to professional meetings and ~ 60 invited seminars in various countries (mainly USA and France),

-   contribution to the development of synthetic electrical conductors and thermal hyperconductors (cfr. also next section),

-   development and management of a leading laboratory in Materials science and nanotechnology,

-   initiating the development of nanotechnologies in the Walloon region (cfr. previous section),

-   major contribution to the creation of new higher education programs and methods in the “Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain”,

-   major contribution to the creation of a multidisciplinary research center in nanotechnology (CERMIN), gathering physicists, chemists, engineers and molecular biologists,

-   coordination of large contracts including universities and private companies at the national and international levels.

-  initiating and launching with Professor M. S. Dresselhaus (MIT) a research program funded by the US Navy on new thermoelectric materials (low-dimensional thermoelectricity), which lead to the revival of the field at the end of the last decade and which still has a worldwide impact.

- Research and development in Materials Science and Engineering, mainly experimental Solid State Physics (electronic and thermal transport properties), Cryophysics and Nanotechnology. Main materials investigated: metals, semimetals, semiconductors, carbons &graphites and their intercalation compounds, polymer-matrix composites, carbon nanotubes and other nanoscopic systems. Experimental techniques, including cryogenics and thermometry.

- Contribution to the development of novel synthetic conductors of heat and electricity. Thermal management.Non conventional solid state energy conversion, mainly thermoelectric conversion.

- Education and training of undergraduates and postgraduates in Materials Science, Solid State Physics and associated experimental techniques

- R & D work in collaboration with industrial firms and international research centers

- Consulting activities as technical/scientific expert for industrial firms and international research centers.

- Evaluation and monitoring of research projects for international, EU and national institutions. 

Research Project sand Contracts

- European Union: Human Capital and Mobility, Joule, Brite-Euram (subcontractor)

- STTC (Brussels): PAI (4 contracts) and "programmesd'impulsion" (2 contracts)

- Communautéfrançaise de Belgique: Actions de rechercheConcertée (2 contracts)

- RégionWallonne: 2 contracts

- US Navy (Washington, DC) (5 contracts)

- ESA (European Space Agency) (2 contracts)

Referee, Reviewer

- Member of the board of the European Thermoelectric Society

- Member of the Advisory Board of Materials Science Forum

- Member of the Honorary Editorial Board of Carbon (Elsevier Science, New York)

- Former member of the Editorial Board for J. Phys. D: Applied Physics, IOP (London)

Scientific Recognition 

- Honor’s degree (DHC), University of Oradea, Ордана, Румыния (1999)

- Honor’s degree (DHC), Université Henri Poincaré, Нанси, Франция (2001)

- Chaire Francqui (1995-96)

- Honorary member of the Senate of the University of Oradea (2002).

- Officier de l'Ordre de Léopold (1979)

- Médaille Civique de Première Classe (1992)

- Commandeur de l'Ordre de la Couronne (1994)

- Croix Civique de Première Classe (1997)


- Making electrical contacts to nanowires with a thick oxide coating Cronin SB, Lin YM, Rabin O, Black MR, Ying JY, Dresselhaus MS, Gai PL, Minet JP, Issi JP Nanotechnology13 (5): 653-658 (2002)

- The Brave New World of Science and Technology is Shrinking Dramatically, The Golden Book of Belgium, Blue Press Edition, Brussels, 152-153 (2002)

- Quantum transport, anomalous dephasing and spin-orbit coupling in an open ballistic bismuth nanocavity B. Hackens, J-P. Minet, S. Faniel, G. Farhi, C. Gustin, J-P.Issi, J. P. Heremans and V. Bayot Physical Review B67, 121403 (2003)

- Thermal conductivity of stretched and annealed poly(p-phenylene sulfide) films L. Langer, D. Billaud and J-P Issi Solid State Communications, 126 (2003) 353-357

- Electrical and Thermal Conduction in Carbon Fibers (Book Chapter), J-P. Issi, in World of Carbon, (P. Delhaes, editor, Gordon and Breach, UK, 2003)

- Selective formation of diamond-like carbon coating by surface_ catalyst patterning A.V. Palnichenko, M. Matefi-Tempfli, S. Matefi-Tempfli, J.-P. Issi, L. Piraux and J.-C.Charlier, Carbon, 42, 1879 (2004)

- Synthesis of graphite polyhedral crystals using a combustion flame method H. Okuno, A. Palnichenko, J.-F. Despres, J.-P.Issi and J.-C.Charlier, Carbon, 43, 692 (2005)

- Catalyst assisted synthesis of carbon nanotubes using the oxy-acetylene combustion flame method H. Okuno, J.-P. Issi and J.-C.Charlier Carbon, 43, 855 (2005)

- Thermoelectric Properties of the Group V Semimetals (Book Chapter) J-P. Issi in Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro to Nano, David M. Rowe, editor, CRC Press (Boca Raton 2006)

- Caractérisation des matériauxcarbones au moyen de phonons etd’électrons (Review paper), J.-P. IssiL’ActualitéChimique, n° 295-296, Mars-Avril 2006

- Thermal Transport in Carbon Nanotubes (Book Chapter) J-P. Issi In 'Understanding carbon nanotubes : from science to applications', A. Loiseau, P. Launois, P. Petit, S. Roche and J.-P. Salvetat Eds., Lectures Notes in Physics, Springer, vol. 677 (2006).

- Polymorphism and Structures of Carbons (Book Chapter), P. Delhaes, J-P. Issi, S. Bonamy and P. Launois in 'Understanding carbon nanotubes: from science to applications', A. Loiseau, P. Launois, P. Petit, S. Roche and J.-P. Salvetat Eds., Lectures Notes in Physics, Springer, vol. 677 (2006).

- Escapade dans le Nanomonde J.-P. Issi and A. Jonas Louvain, 163, p12 (mai 2006)

- Hall plateaus at magic angles in bismuth beyond the quantum limit

B. Fauqué, H. Yang, I Sheikin,  L. Balicas,  J-P. Issi, and Kamran Behnia, Phys. Rev. B79, 245124 (2009)

- Electronic instability in bismuth far beyond the quantum limit Fauque B, Vignolle B, Proust C, Issi JP and Behnia K, New Journal of Physics, 11, 113012 (2009)

- Thermal conductivity of polypropylene-based composites with multiwall carbon nanotubes with different diameter and morphology, I.N. Mazov, I.A. Ilinykh, V.L. Kuznetsov, A.A. Stepashkin, K.S. Ergin, D.S. Muratov, V.V. Tcherdyntsev, D.V. Kuznetsov, J.-P. Issi, (2012), Volume 586, Issue SUPPL. 1, 2014, Pages S440-S442.

- Electron and phonon transport in graphene in and out of the bulk (Book chapter), 

J-P Issi, P. T. Araujo, M. S. Dresselhaus, in "Physics of Graphene" edited by H. Aoki and M. S. Dresselhaus, (Springer, 2014)

You workin NUST MISiS

Invited speaker at a number of scientific seminars and round table discussions, scientific advice

Lectures, Work NUST MISiS

Invited lecture «The basics of thermoconductivity of nanostructured materials» on the scientific and practical seminar «Materials of energy efficient technologies: thermal conductivity of polymer composites».




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