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Кирьянов Александр Викторович

Kir’yanov Alexander Viktorovich

Name of the University
Centro de Investigaciones en Optica – CIO





Research area
optics, lasers, nano-photonics. 

Academic Degrees and Titles
Academia Mexicana de Ciencia

Academic Position

Titular Researcher “C” (Investigador Titular “C”)

Area of Expertise
Fiber optics, fiber and solid-state lasers, nonlinear optics, nanomaterials.

Major Scientific Advances

In the recent few years, the following new effects have been found and investigated: (a) of considerable reduction of the induced loss in active Ytterbium fiber, arising at optical pumping (“photo-darkening”), through its illuminating on the “visible” wavelengths by low-power (1 mW) light (2007); (b) of self-induced sweeping of the generation line of Ytterbium fiber laser (the SLLS-effect) (2011); of significant enhancement of the properties of new Bismuth fibers under the action of high temperatures (this work has been fulfilled in the frames of the current Project supported by the “Misis”) (2015) 

Research Project sand Contracts

Was and is a head of more than 15 scientific projects, successfully fulfilled in Russia and in Mexico, as well as in the course of international cooperation (UK, USA, Spain, France, India).

Referee, Reviewer

Continuously works as a reviewer in such high-ranking journals as «Optics Letters», «Physical Review», «Optics Express», «Applied Physics Letters», etc.; annually, about 15…20 reviews are prepared.

Scientific Recognition 

2000 – elected to the National Research System of Mexico («Sistema Nacional de Investigadores – “SNI”) – level SNI-I; 2003 – given level SNI-II; 2007 – given the (highest) level SNI-III; 2008 – elected as a Member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences (Academia Mexicana de Ciencias); 2011 – elected as a Senior Member of the Optical Society of America – (OSA), USA.


Co-author of over 180 scientific publications in leading international journals and chapters in 9 published books -> cooperation (UK, USA, Spain, France, India).

You workin NUST MISiS

Activity in the “Misis” – work within the current Project. Organization at the “Misis” University of a novel scientific direction – “Fiber-based sensors of high temperatures and ionizing radiations”.


Mounting tracking; collecting and studies of butterflies

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