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Дулал Сенапати

Dulal Senapati

the University of your primary employment:

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics





Name of the Chair/Lab;

Chemical Sciences Division


Research area

Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Physical Chemistry

Academic Degrees and Titles PhD;

Academic Position Associate Professor

Area of Expertise 

Engineering, Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Physical Chemistry, Material Characterization, Nanomaterials, Nanomaterials Synthesis, Material Characteristics

Research Project sand Contracts

Research and development of stabilized colloidal metal nanoparticle-based label-free nanoplasmon biochip for cost-effective, rapid, and early bioanalytical detection;


Gold nanoparticle based label-free SERS probe for ultrasensitive and selective detection of trinitrotoluene, Gold nano-popcorn-based targeted diagnosis, nanotherapy treatment, and in situ monitoring of photothermal therapy response of prostate cancer cells using surface_-enhanced raman spectroscopy, Use of gold nanoparticles in a simple colorimetric and ultrasensitive dynamic light scattering assay: Selective detection of arsenic in groundwater, Gold nanorod based selective identification of Escherichia coli bacteria using two-photon rayleigh scattering spectroscopy

PatentsIntellectual Property

Popcorn shape gold nanoparticle for targeted diagnosis, photothermal treatment and in-situ monitoring therapy response for cancer and multiple drug resistance bacteria WO 2012162629 A2

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