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Рожкова Елена Анатольевна
Rozhkova Elena A

the University of your primary employment
Argonne National Laboratory USA

Academic Degrees and Titles:  PhD

Academic Position:  scientist/PI

Area of Expertise: Materials Chemistry, Energy Materials, Magnetic Materials, Soft Matter, Bio-Nano Interface_s, Catalysis, BiomedicalApplications

Major Scientific Advances

Dr. Rozhkova is known internationally due to her contributions to the interdisciplinary filed of NanoBio Interface_s. She was corresponding author of high impact seminal papers on application of semiconductor-bio hybrids for brain cancer therapy (Nano Letters, 2009, JACS 2009), the first work on application of magnetic disks with a spin vortex ground state for a paradigm-shifting magneto-mechanical cancer cell destruction via induction of programmed cell death (Nature Mat. 2010), and, most recently, the first experimental reports on interfacing biological light-sensitive “purple” membranes with semiconductor materials for solar-to-fuel transformation applications (Nano Letters 2013), introduction of graphene materials into nanobio green catalytic chemistry systems (ACS Nano 2014), and integrating synthetic biology and nanotechnology approaches for energy transformation systems (ACS Nano 2017).

Referee, Reviewer

- Editor:
Academic Editor for the PLoS ONE (since 2008)
Editorial Board Member Advances in Nano Research (ANR), an International journal (since 2015)

Scientific Recognition

- University of Chicago Distinguished Performance Award & Medal (2013)

- Brain Research Foundation Fay/Frank Women’s Council Award (2007)
- Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellow (2002)

You work in NUST MISiS

Leading scientist, project K3-2017-070 “Studies of interaction at the interface_ of magnetic transition-metal particles and biological system


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