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Устинов Алексей Валентинович On the photo: Alexey Ustinov reads a lecture to the students.

Alexey Ustinov

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Academic degree and title:
Professor of Experimental Physics Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Academic positions: Head of the laboratiry "Superconducting metamaterials" NUST "MISIS", Moscow, Russia; Invited professor, Group-Superconducting quantum circuits Russian Quantum Centre, Moscow, Russia.

Scientific interests: Low-temperature physics, Superconductivity, Josephson junctions and arrays, macroscopic quantum coherence, quantum information processing, superconducting qubits, solitons in Josephson transmission lines, microwave spectroscopy, mm- and sub-mm experiments with superconductors.

Scientific advances:  Alexei Ustinov is one of the most famous in the world of experts on long Josephson transition lines and the physics of magnetic soliton waves - nonlinear waves in these structures. He devoted many years to the study of multilayer and discrete Josephson systems, his most cited works were published in these areas. In 2000 Ustinov group has encountered internal localized modes (discrete breathers) in arrays of Josephson contacts. In 2003, his group published in Nature a report about tunneling of Josephson vortex – the largest quantum object detected today. Over the last years the main emphasis in the research Ustinov group was on superconducting qubits. The fastest of the currently registered superconducting qubits with a frequency of coherent oscillations reaching 30 GHz was demonstrated in 2009. The last works of the group in 2010-2011 have been focused on the study of coherent duplex defects in tunnel barriers of Josephson contacts and associated with them hybrid quantum systems.

Устинов1.jpgOn the photo: Alexey Ustinov V.

Research projects and contracts:

Recipient of 12 grants of German Science Foundation (DFG)

 contractor of 7 grants within FP5-FP7 programs of European Union

Recipient of 8 grants in the frame of European office of Aerospace Research

In 2011 won a megagrant for 150 million rubles awarded by the Russian Government and has established a research project on metamaterials in a specially created lab at the University of Science and Technology “MISiS” in Moscow.

Referee in Science, Nature, Nature Physics, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, Europhysics Letters, Applied Physics Letters, etc.

Editorial Board member of Superconducting Science and Technology Journal.

Reviewer for German Science Foundation (DFG), FP6 and FP7 programs of EU, national research programs of USA, Israel, Belgium, Sweden.

Scientific recognition:

1989- Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (Germany)

1998- Stefanos Pnevmatikos International Award
          for Research in Nonlinear Science from FORTH Foundation

2011- Mega-Grant Award of the Russian Government

Over 250 papers in refereed journals, of which two in Science, one in Nature, 16 in Physical Review Letters, and over 60 in Physical Review. In total over 3500 citations, h-index 31.


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