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Абрикосов Игорь Анатольевич On the photo: Igor A. Abrikosov

University: Linköping University

NameoftheChair/Lab: Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Theory and Modeling Division;

Academic positions: Professor, head of division
Area of Expertise:

The research area of Prof. Abrikosov covers a broad spectrum of fundamental problems within theoretical solid-state physics. This includes the development of efficient ab initio methods, their implementations in the form of robust computer codes, and the applications for the description and understanding of materials properties. The investigations are largely focused on electronic structure problems for condensed crystalline systems. The main goal of the research is to deepen a fundamental understanding of materials properties from the basic principles of quantum mechanics, and to deliver this knowledge to applied materials science, adjacent scientific disciplines, and to the industry.

Major Scientific Advances:

-Novel theoretical method LSGF and EMTO-CPA [Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, 4203 (1996), Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 156401 (2001)].

-Theory of the Invar effect in Fe-Ni alloys [Nature 400, 46 (1999)].

-Discovery of a pressure-induced phase separation in Fe-Si [Nature 422, 58 (2003)].

-Discovery of stabilization of bcc Fe-Ni alloys at high pressure [Science 316, 1880 (2007)].

-Theory of anomalous stability of low Cr steels [J. Nucl. Mater. 321, 84 (2003)].

-Theory of the oxygen storage capability of ceria and improving fuel cell efficiency by co-doping [Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 166601 (2002), PNAS 103, 3518 (2006), and a patent].

- Theoretical understanding of effects of magnetic disorder on equation of states of CrN [Nature Materials 9, 283 (2010); Phys. Rev. B 82, 184430 (2010)].

-Concept of multicomponent alloying for hard coatings [APL 99, 091903 (2011) and a patent].

- Discovery of electronic topological transition in hcp Fe [PRL 110, 117206 (2013)].

Reviewer of applications for the US Department of Energy, the American Chemical Society, the ESF, NOW, Netherlands, and WWTF Vienna Sci. & Techn. Fund, Austria.
Examination Faculty Opponent/Committee Member of 16 PhD Dissertations Examiner of 4 Licentiate Thesis.

Scientific Recognition:

2011 - Individual Grant for Successful Research Leader from SSF

2007 - Göran Gustafsson Prize in Physics, one of the most prestigious national scientific prize in Sweden.

2001 - Individual Grant for the Advancement of Research Leaders from SSF

2000 - Oscar prize, given once a year to young scholars who have shown a particular talent for scholarly work.


232 papers registered in ISI Web of Knowledge data base, including 48 Letter publications in journals with very high impact factor, like Nature, Science, Nature Materials, Phys. Rev. Lett., PNAS, APL, EPSL, and JACS. These publications are very well cited, with totally 5816  citations and h-index 41 (ISI Web of Knowledge, September, 2014).

Patents, IntellectualProperty:

5 registered patents

1.      You work in NUST MISiS:   Graduated from Moscow Institute of Steels and Alloys (Engineer-metallurgist specialized in physics of metals) and was employed in MISA till 1997. Through this period earned the scientific degree of  Candidate of Physics and Mathematics in 1991 and Doctor of Physics and Mathematics in 1997.

From 2014 leads Materials Modeling and Development Laboratory in NUST MISIS.

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