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Nonlinear Dynamics, Complexity and Self-organization in Physics and Technology

Georgios Tsironis, Professor, University of Crete, Department of Physics

Project target

The aims of the project are:

·         Create a world-level research team;

·         Invite talented undergraduate to research process;

·         Launch interdisciplinary research  and provide for collaboration with other experimental groups at NUST MISiS such as Ustinov and Ryazanov teams.

Project objectives

The task of the projects is to create a research team at NUST MISiS to focus on complex dynamic systems and contribute to interdisciplinary research at the University.

Uniqueness project

The uniqueness of the project is in creating interdisciplinary research team which will focus on fundamental and computing problems in complex systems and their application in devices and engineering.

The topics of the research under the project: chimaera and synchronization in materials, extreme waves propagation, PT symmetric metamaterials, nonlinear wave dynamics in complex schemes.

We studied transportation properties of PT symmetric metamaterials with lateral space-periodic modulation. We studied phase transition in PT symmetric active plasmonic systems. In linear mode we discovered extreme waves which depend only on scattering properties of medium.

Maksim Kozlov and G. P. Tsironis «Control of power in parity-time symmetric lattices» New J. Phys. 17 (2015) 105004 


Marios Mattheakis, Thomas Oikonomou, Mario I. Molina, and George P. Tsironis « Phase Transition in PT Symmetric Active Plasmonic Systems» IEEE J. of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 22 (2016) 5000206

1 doctor habilitatus, 7 Ph.D., 3 post graduates, 3 undergarduates.

Events research team

In 2015 the research team held and international workshop at NUST MISiS «Coherent and self-organization phenomena in metamaterials».

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