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Development and Application of Amorphous Ferromagnetic Micro wires for New Sensors, Composite Materials and devices on their basis

Dr. Phys.-Math.Sci. Usov Nikolay A. 

Project target

1) Launch and upgrade of production technology of amorphous ferromagnetic micro wires by Ulitovsky-Tailor method in NUST MISiS.

2) Optimization and research of amorphous ferromagnetic micro wires properties.

3) Development of applications of amorphous ferromagnetic micro wires, including creation of stress-sensitive sensors and composite materials, single-bit and multibit tags, giant magnetoimpedance effect based scanning magnetic microscope. 

Project objectives

The aim of the project is to create in NUST MISiS technological basis for obtaining high quality amorphous ferromagnetic micro wires with advanced elastic and magnetic properties and developing technological basis for creating on their basis new stress- and thermos-sensitive materials, highly sensitive sensors and measuring devices.

Uniqueness project

Unique magnetic and electrodynamic characteristics of amorphous ferromagnetic micro wires can be also used for developing new types of composites and environments with directed thermal conductivity, anisotropic magnetic and electrodynamic characteristics.

NUST MISiS based research in the field of amorphous ferromagnetic micro wires conform to international standards, and given the existence of the consumer of the technology, commercialization of the project is highly promising. Creation of a research team and full technological chain of obtaining amorphous ferromagnetic micro wires will push NUST MISiS to the leading position in the market. Besides, the project is important in terms of import substitution. Local technology will enable in the future to develop local innovation products, including dual purpose.


Technological equipment:

Micro wire Ulitovsky-Tailor molding plant

Diagnostic equipment:

- Scanning electronic microscope

- Optic microscope

-  4-probe measuring device of electric and temperature characteristics of amorphous ferromagnetic micro wires

Specialized magnetic equipment

-       Vibration magnetometer

-       Induction measuring system for registering dynamic loops of amorphous ferromagnetic micro wires under mechanical load

-       Measuring device for small-angle rotation  of magnetizability vector


1.         S.A.Gudoshnikov, B.Y.Lubimov, A.S.Ignatov, V.P.Tarasov, O.N.Krivolapova “Mechanical stress sensor”, invention patent № 2552124, priority date 13.12.2013

2.         S.A. Gudoshnikov, B.Ya. Liubimov, N.A. Usov, A.S. Ignatov, V.P. Tarasov, O.N. Krivolapova, PCT,  “Mechanical stress sensor” WO 2015/088372 A1, 18.06.2015

Events research team

Research team workshops – every second Wednesday

• S. Gudoshnikov, A. Ignatov, V. Tarasov, S. Gorbunov, V. Molokanov, T. Chueva and N. Usov “Magnetoelastic properties of CO based amorphous ferromagnetic microwires”, The 7th International Workshop on Magnetic Wires (IWMW_2015), Ordizia, Spain 2-3 July 2015 (invited report). 

• N. Usov, S. Gudoshnikov, “Circular magnetization process in a Co-rich microwire with negative magnetostriction”, 20th International Conference on Magnetism (ICM_2015), Barcelona, Spain 5-10 July 2015 (обычный устный). • N.A. Usov, O.N. Serebryakova, “The universal behavior of dense clusters of magnetic nanoparticles”, International Conference on Computer Simulation in Physics and beyond (CPS-2015), Moscow, Russia 6-10 September 2015 (Oral). 

• N. Usov, O. Serebryakova, “Magnetostatic interactions in dense clusters of magnetic nanoparticles”, 20th International Conference on Magnetism (ICM_2015), Barcelona, Spain 5-10 July 2015 (poster). 

• A. S. Ignatov, S. A. Gudoshnikov, V. P. Tarasov, A. V. Popova, N. A. Usov «Investigation of Fe-rich amorphous ferromagnetic microwires under the influence of applied tensile stresses», Donostia International Workshop on Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology (DINEMN) 2015, September 1-4, 2015, San Sebastián, Spain (poster)

Partnership and cooperation

  • Magnetism Lab  (University of  Basque Country , San Sebastián, Spain) – Pr.Zhukov

           Applied Physics Lab  (University of Oviedo, Spain ) – Pr.B.Hernandes

           Laboratory of quantum and cryogen magnetometry (ИЗМИРАН) Moscow

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