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Project managers

Dr., PhD in chemistry, Doctor of sciences, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chemistry Department, Associate professor,  Deputy Dean Alexander Majouga

Project objectives

The target of the project is development and realization of new approach to bi-functional magnetic nano-materials synthesis, pattern determination, structure – magnetic properties, in order to validate their use for biomedical applications. The plan is to create a panel of magnetic nanoparticles- based medications to combat cancer of various etiologies by modified advanced antitumor drugs. 


Cell block: 

laminar flow unit, 

СО2 incubator, 


fluorescence microscope, 

optical microscope.

Chemical laboratory:

Remotely controlled rotary evaporator, 

rotary evaporator coolant, 

magnetic mixer with heating, 

magnetic mixer without heating, 

remotely controlled vacuum system, 

digital block heater, 


stirring shaft, 

lab centrifuge, 

analytical balances, 

analytical balance 2200 г - 0,01gr, built-in calibration, 

lab spray-freeze drying, 

Dewar flask, 

water production block I type pH-metrinometer, 

UltraSonic Bath, 


flatbed spectrophotometer with cell holder, 

lab chest cooler/freezer, 

digital vacuum pressure gauge, 

hot air gun, digital steam sterilizer, 

electric laboratory dishes dryer, 

drying chamber, 

lamellation/ rotatory vacuum pump with oil seal, 

immersion thermostat, 

trap refrigerator.

Physical and chemical research methods:

electrokinetic potential analyzer, 

size and molecular weight.


Patent application “Device to study the impact of low-frequency magnetic field on the kinetics of bio-chemical processes in biological systems containing magnetic nano particles”. Y.Golovin, A.Samodurov, S.Gribanovsky, A.Shuklinov, N.L.Klyachko, A.G. Majouga, A.Kabanov 30.12.2014 № 2014153860, Russia

Patent application  “TELOMERASE INHIBITING COMPOSITION” A.G.Majouga, N.L.Klyachko, M.E.Zvereva, O.A. Dontsova, T.Bronich, A.Kabanov  30.12.2014 №2014153863 Russia

Partnership and cooperation

International cooperation:

1.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA Professor Dan Andersen. Joint research to obtain tissue-specific ligand for magnetic nano particles modification and their guided transportation to liver and prostate.

2.     University of Nottingham (UK), Professor A.N.Khlobystov. Joint research of advanced magnetic nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes based materials. Such material will be used as instruments of targeted delivery of antitumor drugs.

3.     Pharmaceutical faculty of the University of North Carolina (USA), Professor A.V.Kabanov.  oint research of new magnetic materials. Such structures consist of magnetite nanoparticle, vector fragments and anticancer drug, fixed on the surface of the nanopartcicle.

Home cooperation:

1.     Lomonosov Moscow State University (fine organic synthesis of ligands for modification and stabilization of magnetic nanomaterials) A.Majouga, N.V.Klyachko

2.  Lomonosov Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology (Professor M.A.Green) Obtaining agents for photodynamic therapy and nano hybrid materials based on them.

3.Mendeleev Russian Chemical Technological University (Professor E.V.Yurtov) Developing method of magnetite nanoparticles synthesis.

4. Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Professor V.E.Kotelyansy) Developing low-molecular tissue specific ligands for delivering magnetic nanoparticles to prostate.

5.Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (Professor V.P.Chekhonin) Use of magnetic nanoparticles as contrast agents for magnetic resonance tomography.

 6. Gertsen Moscow Scientific Research Oncology Institute (Professor R.I.Yakubovskaya) Creation of animal models of prostate, liver cancer, Erlikh sarcoma, in-vivo experiments.

7. Derhzavin Tambov State University (Professor Y.I.Golovin). Developing devices to study the impact of low-frequency magnetic field on biological processes.


8. Bioclinicum Scientific Technological Centre, (General Director D.A.Sakharov) Using microbioreactor for simultaneous co-culturing mammals cells.


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