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Конкурсы Программа PostDoc в Ведущих Лабораториях и Инфраструктурах, конкурс - Короткий Визит

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Project managers

Laboratory of Physical methods, acousto-optic and laser apparatus for cancer diagnostics and therapy

Associate fellow, Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics Efim A.Khazanov

Project target

This project is a unique combination of advanced developments in the field of acousto optics and laser physics for biomedical purpose – oncology. The projects concentrates on the use of new disperse methods to control acousto-optic devices to monitor femtosecond laser radiation and hyperspectral image analysis.

Project objectives

1.           Development and creation of hyperspectral acousto-optic system to study fluorescence spectrum of microbiological objects.

2.           Research of auto fluorescence of human tumor tissues and development of new methods of differential diagnostics of cancer.

3.           Theoretical and experimental research of factors which limit spectral and dimensional resolution of acousto-optic systems.

4.           Development of principals of dispersed acousto-optic control of laser and incoherent optic radiation to form random spectral transmission functions of acousto-optic filters and correction of complex spectra of femtosecond radiation.

5.            Development and testing laser driver for photosensitive cathodes with acousto-optic laser impulse control system for FEL accelerator in positron emission tomography

6.           Development of technology of growing crystals with low dislocation density of high optic quality and low dissipation to create new generation of acousto-optic devices for biomedical purposes.

Uniqueness project

The projects is targeted to solve socially important problem of treating cancer. The significance of the project lies in creation of key new generation components for devices of cancer andron therapy, based on compact laser sources and highly-energized particle accelerators. The project also deals with new diagnostics criteria for differential diagnostics and determining human malignant tumours. 


·       Femtosecond laser Femtosource Synergy (Femtolasers, Austria).

·       Femtosecond autocorrelator  Femtometer (Femtolasers, Austria).

·       Regenerative magnifier RAP-2000 (Avesta project, Russia).

·       MIIPSBox-640 ultrashort light laser pulse diagnostic system (Biophotonic Solitions, USA).

·       Arbitrary waveform generator N8241A (Agilent, USA).

·        Arbitrary waveform generator 33622А (Keysight, USA).

·       Spectrum optical analyzer 86142В (Agilent, USA).

·       Argon laser 488 nм (Melles Griot, USA).

·       Solid laser 532 nм (Laser Quantum, UK).

·       High frequency amplifiers (Amplifier Research, USA).

·       Radio signal spectrum analyzer FSH3 (Rhode&Schwarz, Germany).

·     Radio signal power meter NRT-Z14 (Rhode&Schwarz, Germany).

·       X-ray diffractometer (Rigaku, Japan).

·       Automated system for cutting crystals and plates APD2 (Logitech, UK).

·       Polishing finishing optic instrument OLP 200/C (AKM, Germany).

·       Interferometer OptoTL-60 (Optcal technical lab, Russia).

·       Ultrasound washing line (Selecta, Spain).

·       Vacuum evaporation device (Torr, USA)

·       Thermocompression bonding device(Kulicke&Soffa, USA).

·       Vector network analyzer E5061A (Agilent, USA).

·       Medical biological microscope Ti-E (Nikon, Japan).

·       Hyperspectral system HSi-300 (Gooch & Housego, USA).

·       Cooled CCD chamber Alta U32 (Apogee Instruments, USA).

·       Precision optic tables (Thorlabs, USA).

·       Optic station (Thorlabs, USA).


Acousto-optic commutator of laser telecommunication channels from N mainstream dataset to M mainstream dataset/ RF patent for utility model RU 149705 U1 dated 10.12.2014 (priority from 25.09.2014)

Events research team

·       VII International Exhibition «Integrated Safety and Security -2014», Moscow , All-Russia Exhibition Center, 20-23 May 2014

·       X International Specialized Exhibition Photonics World of Lasers and Optics 2015 Moscow, Expocentre, 16-19 March 2015

·       VIII International Exhibition «Integrated Safety and Security -2014», Moscow, All-Russia Exhibition Center, 19-22 May 2015 

Partnership and cooperation

·       Gdansk University, Poland. Cooperation agreement 2015-2017. Research in the field of molecular acoustics and photodynamic therapy of oncology diseases.

·       Université de Valenciennes, France. Cooperation agreement 2016-2018. Research in the field of nonisotropic medium optics and periodical structures based on them.

·        University of Bordeaux France. Research in the field of nonisotropic medium optics and periodical structures based on them..

·        AdlOptica GmbH Germany. Development of optical system for hyperspectral image analysis in near- and middle IR range

·       Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Nizhny Nivgorod. Laser radiation parameters control  in super powerful systems of ultra short impulses for forming diagnostical and therapy streams of charged particles.

·      Endocrinology research centre, RF Ministry of Healthcare, г. Москва. Immunological and molecular genetic research of thyroid body tumor

·       Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow. Acoustics of highly anisotropic medium, optic systems for hyperspectral image analysis.  


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