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Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics Morozov Sergey V.

Project objectives

Development of graphene/ piezoelectric structures for new generation of high frequency electroacoustic devices

Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics Morozov Sergey V.

The aim of the project to develop a new scientific research area in NUST MISiS - obtaining graphene/ piezoelectric structures with high properties of surface acoustic waves amplification by electron stream in graphene, feasibility demonstration of surface acoustic waves amplification for acoustic scanning purposes and set up a new laboratory under supervision of a leading scientist.

The task of the project is creation of graphene/ piezoelectric structures mathematical model for calculation of a structure electroacoustic parameters depending on the base characteristics and surface design.

Development of graphene/ piezoelectric structures obtaining technology.

Materials science study of graphene/ piezoelectric structures.

Formation of surface acoustic waves generator on the piezo crystal surface, coated with a few layers of graphene, including interdigitated transducer and reflectors;

Study of surface acoustic waves generator characteristics based on graphene/ piezoelectric structures;

Formation of graphene/ piezoelectric structures on bidomain basis and study of bending deformation impact on carrier transfer characteristics in graphene films;

Efficiency study of surface acoustic waves generators, formed on bases with variable curve radius;

Development of metrological basis for the laboratory to study samples basic characteristics;

Obtaining and feasibility demonstration of principles of surface acoustic waves amplification in structures to be applied as working elements in generators of precision acoustic scanning;

Education of under graduate and post graduate students in the above mentioned field.

NUST MISiS Electroacoustic Lab will develop basic technologies of obtaining graphene/ piezoelectric structures. The planned research will cover theoretical analysis of surface acoustic waves amplification effect in graphene/ piezoelectric structures, their 3D design, theoretical and practical research of obtaining graphene mono-layers of high scale and size over 10 microns. We also plan theoretical and practical research of surface acoustic waves generators based on graphene/ piezoelectric structures.

Such research is unique and is aimed to receive new significant results. They will provide for innovation success (for example creation of new generation of high technology electroacoustic devices).

Innovation activity may be realized both in the form of production sites inside NUST MISiS and creation of small enterprises with NUST MISiS participation.

For today graphene is one of the most widely studied and promising materials due to a number of unique properties such as high electro- (millions times higher than Cu) and thermal conductivity (3000 W/mk), electron characteristics dependence on cut-in radicals of various nature on the graphene surface, Hall quantum effect, extremely high carrier mobility (2.5 105 sm2/s), high elasticity and good electromechanical characteristics (Young module of 1tPa). The set of properties is highly attractive in terms of graphene application in obtaining new nanomaterials with improved mechanical, electrical and thermal physical characteristics as well as an element of nanoelectron devices.


Planar Grow-2S (PlanarTECH LLC) synthesis machine for carbon structures including graphene.

PDC-32G-2 (Harrick Plasma Inc.) surface plasma treatment system

NanoMaker-Writer (Interface Ltd.) electron lithography device

ATP Spin-150iNPP (SPS-Europe B.V.) equipment set for photoresist coating

UT-4620 (ULAB) drying box

CS51 (Olympus) stereo microscope

ВХ51 (Olympus) upright optic microscope with add-on for Raman mapping and  RamMix М532 (InSpectr LLC) Raman mapping add-on.

DSG3030 (Rigol Technology Inc.) Hi Fi waveform generator

2182/E (Keithley Instruments Inc.) nanovoltmeter

SR830 (Stanford Research Systems) two-phase lock-in amplifier

2614В (Keithley Instruments Inc.) measuring instrument

RF600 (SunPla со. Ltd.) Hi Fi waveform generator

MXR-6642-G instrument stand

REMEZA СБ 50.VS204Д reciprocating compressor with dehumidifier

KEMFIRE 600 (Type A) (LABOR SECURITY SYSTEM S.R.L.) filing cabinet for highly flammable substance, alkali and acids

Partnership and cooperation

Purdue University 


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