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Project managers

Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics., professor Alexander A.Karabutov

Project target

1. Creation of Laser Ultrasonic Diagnostics of Rock Formation and Heterogynous Construction Materials Structure and Properties laboratory:

–          equipment selection;

–          equipment purchase and testing;

–          training of specialists to work with the equipment;

–          working out methods of the equipment use;

–          obtaining research results

2. Developing new laser ultrasonic nondestructive method of determining local elasticity modules of rock formations and heterogynous construction materials based on measuring speeds of elastic waves and determining their correlation with samples inner structure defect (including small size).

3. Theoretical analysis of possibilities to calculate local elasticity modules depending on concentration,

pore size and form according to measured spectrum of wide range laser ultrasonic signals, registered under one-sided access to the sample.

4. Studying nonlinear effects which accompany laser stimulation of ultrasonic waves in heterogeneous environment and developing on this basis methods to evaluate defect of geo- and composite materials.

5. Studying influence pattern of different size defects on spectral characteristics of wide range laser ultrasonic signal registered in the sample.

6. Experimental approbation of laser ultrasonic method of determining local elasticity modules in the samples of carbon plastics and carbon-carbon composites (as more regular environments them geomaterials).

7. Measuring local elasticity modules of fullerene containing (shungite) rock by laser ultrasonic method and determining their correlation with samples poriness and defects.

8. 2D visualization of internal structure of natural and synthetic heterogeneous materials on the basis of laser ultrasonic spectroscopy.

9. Using laser ultrasonic structurescopy method to determine specific sizes of grains in geomaterials samples depending on frequency dependence of coefficient of attenuation ultrasound. Verification of results on standard samples.

10. Testing of methods of laser- ultrasonic spectroscopy of natural and synthetic materials samples with different defects.

11. Independent high precision measurements of poriness and deficiency by methods of electronic microscopy and computerized tomography to verify results, achieved by laser ultrasonic method.

Project objectives

Laser Ultrasonic Diagnostics of Rock Formation and Heterogynous Construction Materials Structure and Properties 

The aim of project is justification for a new scientific discipline, related to the research of structural peculiarities and physical and mathematical properties of rock formations and heterogynouscondtruction materials based on laser ultrasonic spectroscopy method and creation of a laboratory base to realize this method. 

Uniqueness project

Presently there is no laser ultrasonic structurescopy of rock formations in the world. NUST MISiS Mining Institute is working on creation of prototypes of laser ultrasonic structurescopes for geomaterials diagnostics.

Synthesis of advanced heterogeneous materials for aircraft and space industry, developing of resource-saving technologies for extraction of minerals calls for new approaches to structure and properties diagnostics, providing for more detailed information on pores, cracks and other defects compares to the existing methods.


Phenom ProХ scanning desktop electronic microscope

STRUERS set for preparation of rock sections

LFM-50 (WALTER+BAI AG) universal test machine with extensometer

Automatic laser ultrasonic structurescope 

Partnership and cooperation

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Physics Department

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Geology Department

Czech Technical University in Prague

Acoustic Laboratory, Main, France

Brno University of Technology

International laser Academic Scientific Centre, MSU

Universidad Complutense de Madrid


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