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Professor Akihisa Inoue

Project objectives

Development of ferrum-based amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys for application in magnetic, constructional and anti-radiation materials and coatings.

Advanced Energy Efficient Materials Lab

Professor Akihisa Inoue

The objective of the project is to create a world class laboratory of advanced nonequilibrium functional ferrum-based materials and coatings and to expand their application area.

The project task is to create and infrastructure which will substantially facilitate research and development of advanced ferrum-based amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys with improved functional characteristics for application in magnetic cores, hard coating and anti-radiation materials.

The implementation of the project will allow obtaining:

1.     Advanced high permeability magnetic shielding amorphous ferrum-based alloys with high magnetizability of saturation (over 1.7 T) and high corrosive resistance. This will make devices more energy efficient and durable.

2.     Advanced ferrum-based nanocrystalline alloys with high magnetizability of saturation (over 1.7 T) and good workability and plasticity under bending. This will decrease losses in transformers’ core.

3.     3D metallic glass with high glass-forming ability and ferrum-based coatings with high mechanical durability, corrosive resistance and wear-resistance.

4.     Ferrum-based materials with ultrahigh corrosive resistance, hardness, wear-resistance and radiation impact resistance.

For the past decades, a great number of new materials have been developed to meet constantly growing demands of industry. Such materials have high hardness, strength, firmness, low density, high corrosive resistance, and high temperature resistance. Such materials can be obtained with the technology of nonequilibrium conditions such as fast crystallization, mechanical alloying, dispersement, laser processing and various methods of vapor deposition. Metal glass is one of such materials with specific combination of properties applicable in various industries. Ferrum-based metal glasses are highly promising due to their soft magnetic properties and quite high magnetizability of saturation, high electrical resistivity and low material cost, compared to other metals. MG are more durable, hard and wear-resistant. Given their low cost, ferrum-based metal glasses can be used in construction. However, they also have a limitation – low plasticity, which is needed for practical application. Thus, the research targets to develop metal glass combining high durability and high plasticity.


A.A. Tsarkov, A.Yu. Churyumov, V.Yu. Zadorozhnyy, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin.         High-strength and ductile (Ti–Ni)-(Cu–Zr) crystalline/amorphous composite materials with superelasticity and TRIP effect //        Journal of Alloys and Compounds     2016, V. 658, Pp. 402-407.


1. ARC 200 vacuum arc furnace. 

2. DVX-II apparatus for melt spinning. 

3. VSM-130 vibration magnetometer. 

 4. AMH-1M-S permeameter. 

5. Zwick Z250 multispecimen testing machine. 

6. Zwick Amsler HB250 low-endurance fatigue testing machine.

7. Light microscope. 

8. Impedance analyzer.

Partnership and cooperation

·         Tohoku and Josiah Universities, Japan


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