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Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" designed to provide support to invite postdoctoral students and young scientists with international background to conduct a joint research project in 2015-2017

The purpose: of this grant competition is to identify, in compliance with approved procedures and regulations, the best research project proposal (proposals) submitted by an applicant (applicants) seeking support in the form of a grant of the NUST «MISiS».

Grants of NUST «MISIS» are made available in the amount from 4.0  to 5.6 million rubles each to invite postdoctoral students and young scientists (hereinafter referred to as a "young scientist")  for a research project for a period of two years (to start before September 2015).

Competition period: envelopes with grant applications shall be submitted to the address of the grant competition organizer 119049 NUST «MISiS», room B-520, 5th floor, Leninsky prospect,4 Moscow (International Research Projects Department, code №431) in the period from April 29, 2015  to May 29, 2015 (12:00 Moscow time).

Starting from – September, 2015

Requirements for applicants:

A Young Scientists with international background who applied for a grant in collaboration with NUST «MISiS» research team, in compliance with cl. 6.1 to 6.12 of the Competition Documentation are deemed as a single applicant.

A young scientist may take part in one research project only.

A young scientist should not be older than 35 years (by the end of 2015).

Research project and research project implementation requirements:

A research team shall include: a Young Scientist and NUST «MISiS» - based Scientific Advisor, at least one post graduate student, at least one undergraduate student.

Young scientists with an international PhD degree, and/or with 1 year (in total) work experience in leading research and development centers, are eligible to apply for the grant competition.

Young scientists are not eligible to apply for the grant competition if they have had job relationships with NUST “MISiS” for the last 3 years (from 2012 till 2014).

 A young scientist should not be older than 35 years (by the end of 2015).

  The research project proposed herein does not duplicate any of young scientist's prior or current research projects financially supported by the federal, regional, or municipal governments of the Russian Federation or funded from other sources.

The NUST «MISIS» will make its grants available to support research projects in the below listed fields of science:

  • Advanced Materials
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Information Technologies
  • Metallurgy and Mining

Participation costs: Applicants are responsible for covering all costs incurred thereby in connection with their participation in the open grant competition, including their costs associated with preparation and submission of their grant applications.

 Requirements for Resume Submission

  1. In order for your resume to be reviewed it should be compiled in English.

       2. The following information should be highlighted as separate resume items:

·         Research area, knowledge (in any of the following areas: new technology, new materials, information technology, metallurgy and mining);

·         Contact Information: e-mail, home address, place of work, contact phone number;

·         Date and place of the PhD defense and the Diploma of Higher Education issue (name of the institution where the defense took place and research manager’s name);

·         Describe all the experience available (in any of the following areas: new technology, new materials, information technology, metallurgy and mining);

·         Describe all existing awards, patents, applications for an invention, grants, diplomas, etc.

·         Indicate names of the projects, grants, under which your research work has been conducted, as well as duration and venue (country, organization) thereof;


  1. Specify your level of English (B1, B2, C1, C2).

Tender documentation: Competition Documentation K4 ENG 2015.pdf Download
Competition Documentation K4 RUS 2015.pdf Download
Form A Application Registration K4.doc Download

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