Лекция на тему "Mainstream and Substreams"

Лекция Мартина Хинула  на тему "Mainstream and Substreams"

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Дата: 06.12.2017

The “Scimago Index Rankings” (SIR) plotted roughly the world’s knowledge with more than 5000 research centers located at universities and companies.

It became clear to me that most of the world knowledge is concentrated in roughly 50 knowledge regions such like Silicon Valley, the Boston-Cambridge region, the ELAt triangle etc.

In my study I show that the knowledge economy will be driven by 150 big companies worldwide mostly located in these world knowledge driven regions. These companies will form the Mainstream of the modern economy for the next 10 years.

On this Mainstream we will see thousands of smaller companies characterized by innovation, entrepreneurship and research, companies who will feed this Mainstream. They are the Substream companies.

I defined eleven of these Substreams in the field of: sensors, e-health, energy storage, Fintech, autonomous driving, medtech etc.

These Substream companies will be the oxygen for the 150 Mainstream companies.

(The book Mainstream and Substreams will be published in February 2018 — there will be a Russian edition available later in that year)



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Dr. Hinoul holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven). He has also done postdoctoral research at the Stanford University, M.I.T., and several other laboratories in Europe, the U.S. and Japan. He also took an honorary doctorate of the Durban university in South Africa.

After his studies (1972) he joined Bell Telephone (at that time ITT) in Belgium, where he headed the Materials Research Department. He worked also in the Shelton Connecticut ITT Research labs for the development of the digital switch “System 12” (1976-1980) and was involved in the joint venture between Bell Telephone and the PTIC in China (1980-1982). He was active in India with the ITI (1983)

Dr. Hinoul was from August 1984 till March 1998 the Technology and Science Attaché at the Embassy of Belgium in Washington, D.C (1990-1998), after having served in the same position at the Belgian Consulate in Los Angeles (1984-1990).

In April 1998 Martin Hinoul became the Business Development Manager for the "Greater region of Leuven”, based at the HQ of KU Leuven Research and Development.

In August 2001, Martin Hinoul became Chief of Staff for the Flemish Minister for Economy

In July 2003 Dr Hinoul came back to KU Leuven R&D in his function of Business Development Manager for the Knowledge Economy Region Leuven and became at that time also an independent consultant.

Dr. Hinoul wrote hundreds of articles and several books :

 In 1998 he published his book on “Silicon Valley”

 In 2006 a book on “The European Knowledge Economy”.

 In 2007 he published a book on China “The Threat of the Dragon – Fiction or Reality?

 Also in 2007 he published his book on “The invention of the transistor”.

 End of 2008 he published his book on “Networking”

 In 2011 – Geniale Geesten - A book on the 110 years Nobel prizes.

 In 2013 – Role Models for entrepreneurship.

 In 2016 – The Awakening of the Bear – story on the Russian technology projects.

 In 2016- A new book will be published end of this year on the knowledge economy for the next 10 years. Mainstream and substreams of the Knowledge Economy

Dr Martin Hinoul is also coauthor of several other books on innovation, entrepreneurship, on venture capital etc.

Dr Martin Hinoul gave hundreds of guest lectures all over the world.

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