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Дата: 25 мая 2018 г.

Время: 11-00

Аудитория Б-607  

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Prof. Chengbao Jiang
School of Materials Science and Engineering,
Beihang University, China

Single crystal growth and nanoheterogeneous
magnetostriction of Fe-Ga alloys

Abstract: Magnetostrictive materials that can change their dimensions in an applied
magnetic field, have shown great potential due to the applications in actuators, sensors
and transducers. Fe-Ga alloys with a tenfold increase in magnetostriction of Fe by
alloying nonmagnetic Ga have attracted widespread interest due to their enhanced
magnetostriction, relatively low cost and better mechanical properties. We have
grown [001] oriented Fe-Ga single crystals with a diameter up to 30 mm and a
magnetostriction up to 300 ppm. A further remarkable fivefold increase is achieved
by trace rare earth doping up to a value of ≈1500 ppm, more than 50 times that of
pure iron. The structural origin of enhanced magnetostriction as well as trace rare
earth element induced giant magnetostriction in Fe-Ga alloys were investigated and
nanoheterogeneous magnetostriction is proposed.


Curriculum Vitae:
Prof. Chengbao Jiang.jpg
Prof. Chengbao Jiang is dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering,
Beihang University, China. He has long been engaged in magnetostrictive materials,
rare-earth permanent magnetic materials, magnetic shape memory alloys as well as
crystal growth of metallic functional materials. He has published over 100 papers
which has been cited over 3000 times, resulting in Hirsh index = 28 by Scopus. He
has been invited to give talks over 20 times for international conferences.

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